Friday, May 23, 2014

Back to my Blogging Days!

Back to my Blogging Days!

I sincerely thank all my viewers, readers, followers, friends and relatives who have been my true motivation and strength in my profession and hobby as a blogger and writer. They have borne patiently with me my work right from the time I started as a novice until now when I am still learning from the seniors and wonderful friends who themselves are great writers. 

After a long unbearable gap from my writing as a blogger I have now started once again in a big way and started posting on various topics that I have always been so attached to. Repeated mails, reminders and inquiries from my beloved friends, readers and patrons about my absence, was not only touching but truly motivational in getting me back to writing. Not that I did not want to write, but only that some pressing commitments and especially my attention to my Daughter Mansi's 10th Standard exams which I have just posted that she has Passed with flying colors were some reasons which I was distanced from my loving readers and my hobby itself.

While apologizing for the long delay in keeping my dear readers and patrons away from reading their favorite topics, I assure you that I will be posting consistently now with more interesting and trending topics. 

I once again thank all of you for your love, best wishes and blessings showered on may and hope you will continue to shower those same blessings and wishes in the days to come! 

I have already posted a few posts in various topics such as Vegetable and Fruit carvings, Videos, and also a Foreword to introduce and launch my daughter Mansi's Blog. Hope to be writing a lot now, so keep a watch!