Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Lyrical Syllables By Mansi Kate

The Lyrical Syllables

Poetry is the language of the imagination and the passions. Here is a collection of my daughter Mansi's literary work which includes poems, articles, musings, and work of art all collated together. I am sure the readers will recognize her efforts and shower her with your Blessings, Best Wishes and Patronage as you have done for me!These posts have been transferred from her own Blog The Lyrical Syllables so allow me to keep posting her work continuously while she keeps creating them herself. Her own Blog The Lyrical Syllables would not be accessible for the time being as it has been made private viewing only until she gets used the the nuances of Blogging herself. All of her Poems would be therefore tagged as "The Lyrical Syllables" for easy access on this Blog.

A special Foreword is posted for the introduction of my Daughter Mansi's Poems for you all! 

Hope you enjoy them and also bless her, motivate her as you have done my work. Your guidance,suggestions and are highly valuable and appreciated as always!

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