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The Lyrical Syllables - a Foreword

The Lyrical Syllables - a Foreword

It is a very sentimental and satisfying feeling when your children grow up before your eyes and develop into their own personality which you can be proud of. And it gives even more pride and satisfaction when that child almost follows your footsteps but creates a niche for themselves. For me it is a moment of pride, privilege and immense pleasure to write this Foreword for my daughter Mansi's maiden blog. What better way to give her a launching pad of her own to step forward into this Creative world of Literature, Writing, Poetry, which I myself have been associated with for so long!

Even when she was a toddler Mansi always tugged at my clothing and climbed onto my lap as I would keep writing, blogging or doing any work on my Computer. Trying to hit a finger here or there, or just bang the hand down on the keyboard, was all a matter of happiness for  me as she would sit and slowly doze off onto my lap as I would just keep mumbling to her or rhyming a poetry or song just to make her feel as if she was part of the process of writing. Little did I know that this lovable mumbling and goo goo gaa gaa interaction with her would transform into a passion of her own. Even as she grew; never had I personally trained or taught her even about the use of the computer, keyboard, or for that matter even my deep attachment and involvement with the social media. But as time flew past I realized that she had not only picked up but bettered my performance not only in the operations but use of these media forms. 

Today as I write this foreword for her maiden blog I feel a sense of satisfaction, pride and even surprise at her excellent writing, poetry, and connectivity with the social media, and her large fan following from her friends and relatives. I will not take much of your time but only wish her all the best in her writing, Blogging ,Poetry which she is now using my blogging platform to launch her work and which I will create her own launching pad as time comes for her to take on this work professionally. Mansi has a keen poetic sense, with a quick grasp of connecting word with emotions and weaving out a wonderful poetry. 

I would certainly like to add that I only noticed this skill and growing passion for writing and poetry when she started receiving various awards at school for oration, poetry, article writing and other forms of art and even had quite a few of her poems and articles printed in her School Magazine. To add to this she has been receiving various prizes at Poetry and Writing competitions besides her getting "First Class" rank and achievement for Singing (Gayan) in the "Praveshika Purna" from the Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Maha Vidyalaya Mandal.

Though I was always encouraging her in her creative skills her true potential came to light as it all started with her winning the English Debate Competitions in School,way back in 2011-12, then, winning - Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics - National Science Day - Joint 2nd prize - On the Spot Poetry Competition at the Inter-School Competition for Students on Saturday Feb' 25th 2012, which was held at the Chandrashekhar Auditorium in IUCAA- Pune, followed by 1st Prize Winner in Creative Writing in "Indradhanush, the Inter-School Competition" that was held at Sanskriti School Pune, on 26th October 2013 to highlight just a few of her notable achievements. 

It is then that she also took up this passion seriously and starting channelizing her work and writing which till then were strewn helter skelter. She has now collated her work into a proper diary and through this medium of her maiden blog will try to bring to the reader some of her work which was hitherto unknown. It will be my privilege and pleasure to guide her in this work and am looking forward to getting her work published in magazines and if possible create a book of her collection of poems and writing. 

I am trying my best to get her acquainted and connected with the best of the Social Media Platforms so she can herself connect with people with like minded skills and learn from them. 

Just for a matter of reference you can all access her work and connect socially with her at the following Contacts,which she is still coming to terms with professionally.

Google+ Profile -

Facebook Profile -

Twitter Profile:

AddiQted Profile -
 More to come as she gradually connects with other media.

While wishing her the very best in her efforts I also solicit the blessings, suggestions, and guidance of all my readers who have been showering me with the same for the many years that I have been writing myself. It is only with our love, guidance and motivation that I am confident that Mansi will be able to nurture her talent and bloom into a wonderful writer / Poet her self!

The posts that follow will find Mansi portraying some of her best works for all of you to read. Your valued comments suggestions and motivation will be highly appreciated!

Wish you all the Best Mansi, May God be with you always in your every step in taking this passion forward! 

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