Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Along the Way! - A Preface to Notes from My Diary!

Along the Way! - A Preface to Notes from My Diary!

Like this image and my writings may fade away as I do too, from your memories, the thoughts will always remain in our souls, which is immortal!
(Special Note: all Sketches including the one above have been created by me personally using MS-Paint in Windows Program! Hope you like them as there are quite a few that are going to roll out everyday!. Painstaking work, but so satisfying when it fulfills both my long lost passion of drawing, sketching with my modern skill of Blogging)

 Along the Way!
All along in life from the time we are born, to the time we meet the dust or ashes, for some - every day of our lives is an event that, for some is only another day in your lives. And for some it is a momentous event to be remembered for life. Every day may be a day of happiness – sadness, challenge – mediocre, fulfillment – unfulfilled dreams, pain – soothing, events, but somewhere in the back of our minds these memories remain etched. 

As we tread the path of life, meeting each day as it comes those events take shape of a Diary of sorts which if introspected can become a moment of realization and fulfillment for some while for others a mere event to be read and passed by. 

Over the years I have made several efforts to pen down these memories, but either they remained as mere pages or even got deleted both from memory and the modern day Book – the Computer in a sudden format, just like it sometimes happens in our lives too. For reasons maybe unknown to me at this moment of writing it dawned upon me to pen down the first page albeit not the last in my effort to create this Diary of Events in my life, Past, Present and continuous which I found would someday take the shape of a Book, which I had always dreamed of. 

This diary follows no date, time or period during the course of my life, as I have penned down the events instantaneously as they came as a rush into my mind, triggered by some event that may have occurred on that day of writing. Sometimes things happen in life for a reason and today; the day I started penning down my thoughts was maybe for some silly reason that I had exhausted my Internet Plan and was not able to renew it for some time, reason good enough and happily too, for the start of this Diary. I am sure the events in this Diary my touch the lives of many in some way or the other, and if even one event can be reason for inspiration to even one of my readers , the purpose of creating this Diary will have been fulfilled!

This preface and first page of my diary read August 20th 2014 , and yet I am able to post it only today to start off with with effort to bring to you some wonderful memories of life which make us stronger and let us face life with courage and challenge the odds to come out winners! Many a times we let go off our passions, our likings, our hobbies either due to our our rising responsibilities and burdens in day to day life, but today I am happy to be using what I was best at - Sketching, drawing, and writing to bring back to life those wonderful memories in time! Sitting from the quiet precincts of my "Work From Home - Office cum Work Desk" - here forth will  flow some great work of writing long embedded into my mind, and now spewing out like lava from a volcano! Not to burn but to enrich the reader with experiences that every one of us would like to hear and share! 

To make it easy the posts in this blog will be labelled/ Tagged - "Personal Diary", "Along The Way", and a sub heading so you can keep track of the writings.

Your Best wishes, and blessing solicited as always!

 Me at my "Work from Home - Office Cum Work Desk"
Like this image and my writings that may fade away as I do too, from your memories, the thoughts will always remain in our souls, which is immortal!

Thank you.....


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