Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My "Yo-Bro" Friend - My Daughter!

My "Yo-Bro" Friend - My Daughter!

 Daughters have always been Fathers closest and most loved friends. This relation can never be diluted in any way! From the very moment she is born she is very special. She shares a very close and ethereal bond with her father. Not that the love between Mother and daughter is any less, but the Father-Daughter bond has always stood out strong and lasting. 

In what better words can I describe my own daughter like all daughters are to their father, than in the words in this picture I am sharing with you below. 

 This bond grows as the child grows and becomes strongest when she comes into her teens. She is on the look out for a friend, confidante, trustworthy partner and a shoulder to lean on whenever she needs it. And what better person than her father to fit that spot. 

As mentioned above it is a very touching and blessed relationship that cannot be described in words. No matter what age you are your daughter has always made you laugh, made you proud, made you cry, hugged you tight, seen you fail, cheered you up when you were low, kept you on your toes, and even driven you crazy at times with her unique mannerisms which you love so much. She becomes and remains your friend forever!

As we care and support for our daughters they have always been known to reciprocate in the same way and even more than what was normally expected of sons. The Gender bias issue stands large and looming today! But daughters have always proved them all wrong!
As she grows, she may grow by size and may not fit in your arms as she did so cozily when she was a child. Those moments will always remain a memory, but she will never outgrow your heart!

Today as I look back with foggy eyes at memories of yesterday it dawns on me that I have a friend for life. It also brings a chill in my spine in saying that today I'd be lost without my daughter!

 And when your daughter feels as proud about you and is so vocal about it, not only in words but in actions it gives your immense pride and a warm heart. 
 Your heart swells with pride when she mentions your cherished relationship to her friends and companions, and offers her help and mine as well to be friends with them as I have become with her. This maturity makes you feel so touched, and your mind goes off on a roller coaster ride all the way back when she was a toddler! 

All I have to say today to all fathers and parents in general. Do not discriminate between your children and create sibling rivalry. They are your own blood and body. Love them as your own, teach them respect for one another and see how your life will blossom! 

Today when my daughter says "Yo-Bro" when she approves of something I accept or is in line with her own thoughts it brings tears to my eyes, because I am so proud I have fulfilled her trust not only as a father but as a friend who she can feel totally in freedom to share whatever she feels.

I pray to God that this relationship  between a Father and Daughter remains and grows, and also that all of you have a wonderful family life, where you are all friend for life!

Take care, God Bless! 



You don't need a Five Star Monarch Cruise to enjoy life and feel its magnanimity. Life has the most fantastic Package Cruise for you all ready, but we fail to realize and partake of this wonderful gift.

All you have to do is let your feelings open up, share them in earnest with the ones close to you, friends, family, needy, and Life will open up the biggest Free Package Deal for you.

Life is Feeling for others happiness and joy!

Enjoying Life does not necessarily mean only with your Wife, or children. There is more to life. Spend some wonderful moments with your friends close or far. Reach out to a disturbed mind. Extend your hand to the Old and needy. Bring a smile on their face by spending some quality time with them. THAT - is life! And Life is Love. 

It is unfortunate that we that we have in our Society set the definition of "Love" is a very selfish way. Love has its own nuances and only one who feels, expresses and understands these nuances and shares them with respect, trust and selflessness will understand the true meaning of Love and LIfe.

In today's fickle minded world if you were to just say "Take Care, Love You" to a friend you will find tongues wagging and lashing out the choicest comments and expletives, and even whispering into your spouses ear every possible tag line that would make love shudder! We never have understood the true meaning of "Love", and immediately link it to a physical relationship or personal gratification. Little are we bothered or realize that you can share and cherish the best of loving relationships with a good friend, without ever hurting or compromising the trust and respect for your own personal relationship with your spouse which in fact is so pure, blessed, and godly. You could mean so much to the other person or someone may want to be a close part of your life as a good friend, without hurting your own life, and they hold on to that feeling for life, living a life of hapless disappointment and feeling unfulfilled. 

Yes you would have to have total control over your own feelings, but if your trust and understanding with your partner and spouse is so strong that it transcends all   boundaries of mere feelings, you could truly make a big difference in the world to so many others who crave for love and a happier life. A simple hug, a kind word, a consoling kiss on the forehead are like life to a person whose life may have gone through trauma. There are so many who are in need of selfless and pure love, but due to a few selfish, fickle-minded and corrupt minded people who derive sadistic happiness in hurting others, even at the cost of personal gratification and insult to the other, shed a shadow of doubt and create a pseudo perspective in the minds of others.

You have to differentiate between fantasy and reality. Life brings to you every phase of love and happiness. You have to be mature enough to realize the nuances in each stage. 

As we cross each stage in life from a child to an adult the meaning and feeling of the word "Love" changes so drastically, but few of us realize it. The love and care for your child is at its purest when a child is born in the family. Children are closest to God. Our care and concern for them until they grow up knows no bounds. But as they grow we trust them and yet love them to stand up on their own feet and taste the meaning of love themselves.

The meaning of Love for the same child as they grow goes through different phases as they cross their teens, grow up to be adults and phase out into the elderly phase of life keeps changing. We have to accept those fine changes at their respective stages and respect them too. It is understanding and making your children and family members aware of, and make them respect these stages that this same life gives you Happiness! If you flow against this trend, life will create disturbances which become difficult to handle. These are created by us and not life. Life has only Happiness to offer. How you accept each stage and take full advantage of this package is your own perspective to life!

Accept life as it comes in every stage, understand and feel the nuances of the various feelings and offerings by Life. Learn to respect each stage for what it stands, and you will be surprised that Life offers you the best of the best! It is for you to accept or leave it. 

So make the Best of Life and the only way you can do it is - " LIVING LIFE - LIFE'S WAY".

Take care, Be Happy, Be Blessed, God Bless!

Add Life to Days, Not Days to Life!

Add Life to Days, Not Days to Life!

REMEMBER THERE IS MORE HAPPINESS IN GIVING THAN IN RECEIVING -- Yes we are all so eager to welcome the new year, and I can already see a positive cheer and trend among the posts that are feeling so good about the year that has passed, and also eager to welcome the New year! If you analyze deeply a specific trend in the content, being those happy comments have come from people who were and still are involved with the Noble Act of giving, either through their selfless social service, NGO activities, personal share and care campaigns, schools or creches that they run, which are all involved in human interaction.

Compassion, Care, Love, Giving, Sharing, Empathy - not Sympathy, and going beyond your limits to do something for others is the very key to Happiness to yourself as well as to the world. The Law of Attraction states what what goes out, come in and that too x-fold. Do good, feel good and share good and this Good will spread like fresh Air all around you.

Yet due to our mechanical ways in this rat-race world we are so addicted to thinking about days, months, years, Calendars, which only limit our expression of the good that we do. For a person involved in doing good, he or she sees or experiences no time constraints. With personal experience I can say that when you are doing and sharing Good, you start falling short of time. You are oblivious to what is called the "Calendar". Every moment is Bliss, and you in fact don't want that moment to go out of your hands.

On the other hand, just imagine someone who is constantly thinking negative, feeling and cursing for his past and present situations without even trying to deal with them in a rational manner. They will always curse the day, keep saying "I'm fed up, when will this day or my life end"?, "The day is going so slow" etc.

Let not the negatives in this world hold you back. Think positive, feel fresh, do a good deed for someone, however small it may be, put a smile on your face even if you are in pain, and see how the Universe will re-align things for you in a manner that you will start experience Good and only Good around you. All negatives will dissolve into  Oblivion, and you will see only the best of the world coming to you.

All I wanted to share is let us not allow our mundane life routines and limitations to hold you back from doing and sharing good. Do good, share good, feel good. Yes we are all Eager to welcome the new year but as the saying goes -


Wishing you all the Best in all you do, and may Happiness, Prosperity, Peace, Fulfillment, and Success be with you always! 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

In the Chat Room With God

In The Chat Room With God
I know you all are going to tag me as "Nuts" but that's fine, because at the end of this post, I'll be having the last laugh! You are all used to watching "Coffee with Karan" but this ones a winner all the way!

As I lay tired, fagged out, torn, penniless, overstressed and lifeless with pain as cramps in my abdomen tore me apart, I shouted out in my mind - "Oh God" - stop this. Why me? As I took a deep breath that normally gets me feeling ok and turned and tossed on my bed to adjust to the cramping patterns, I almost blacked out. But then I took control of myself and taking deep and slow breaths, and drinking sips of water, I let my body relax and limp into a silent slumber. My hand was as if reaching out to God as there was no one around to call for, and somewhere I felt a force hold on to my hand ....in this semi-slumber semi-awake stake I was as if mumbling and talking to God! I felt God reach out to me from heaven! (For the benefit of the readers I have highlighted God's conversation in yellow and mine in green, the Prayer is in Blue)

Yes my dear came the reply! So how you doing? 

What I said, you ask me how I am when you very well know it? And don't you have enough work to do, that you come down to chat with me? God smiled down at me! 

Ok , yes I'm overloaded so I thought of taking a quick break as I heard someone shouting hoarse!

Ok, Ok God yes but I was in pain!!!

That's alright! Now do you remember the prayer that you always say and keep sharing with everyone? Just browse through it in your mind and you will find an answer to all your problems. 

So you want to chat with me is it? I've had enough of chat on Facebook today and too tired for anymore! 

Common on; be a sport, this ones for me! 

Ok I said, lets get this over once again ....Why Me? 

Read...Read...Read....said God!

But I said, God why does it always have to be me, what wrong have I done. I've always followed what you taught me! I've never hurt anyone in all my life, I've been patient as can be even in the toughest of times, I've borne hurt, mistrust, betrayal, cheating, pain, stress all through with a smile on my face and never ever returned it back to anyone! So Why me?

Read on....Read on...said the voice! YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE...so are you not happy?..People look at you as an Inspiration, a Role Model, and I have sent you with a purpose to help them, now will you not want to complete your task?

Oh not at all God...I accept whatever you say with a smile on my face and trust that what ever you destine for me is for my own good....I'll read the prayer...

Oh that Prayer..I thought in my mind..well so you want to give me a taste of my own medicine is it?....God smiled again!..(He sees everything)...Ok here it is....I said as I read the prayer....

I ASKED FOR STRENGTH: I was given difficulties to make me stronger!

Yes because I trusted you to face them and stand up stronger...so that others would follow you and become stronger! 

I ASKED FOR WISDOM:  And I was given problems to solve.

See? I knew you were good at solving problems so you made my task easier! A little help does come in handy doesn't it? Now does that still bother you? 

No Not at all God...I read on...

I ASKED FOR PROSPERITY:  I was given a brain and brawn to work.

Now you see you always asked me for some work all the time and never to keep you idle, so there it is...you had the brain and the brawn to do it all and how well you did it....Pull up your collar lad! 

Ok , Ok, I said smiling a bit...feeling proud too..as I continued reading..

I ASKED FOR COURAGE:  I was given obstacles to overcome.

I knew you were a brave heart and always believed in perseverance, so you proved your worth! People learn from you how to laugh off their problems! Will you not want them to do that? Are you so selfish?

Oh No not at all God!...mmmm...I contd...

I ASKED FOR LOVE:  And I was given troubled people to help.

Before I could cry out my woes God replied....Now, now You always asked and wanted to help others all the time didn't you? So what wrong did I do? People love you because you stood by them and taught them to face their troubled times with a head held high, so there you are I gave you LOVE in fact!

I knew now what God was aiming at...but read on...

I ASKED FOR FAVORS: I was given opportunities...

Now did you not always say, "God give me an opportunity and I will make the best of it?. All those "If fate give you a lemon, make a lemonade" stuff that you keep talking about...You said I don't want anything ready made?"... so I just said "Tathastu" ...and now you crib about it?

Yeah yeah I said....it's alright! God was almost laughing at me....I looked away...as I read the last line of the Prayer....

“I received nothing I wanted...But I received everything I needed."   

MmmmHmmmm I thought I got it!

The final line read ....Live life without fear, confront all obstacles and know that you can overcome them. 

Yes, Yes I said, I know...I've always advocated that!

So now what's your Problem lad? You got all you needed so aren't you happy? 

God was smiling at me as I felt his hand pass over me from head to toe, and I felt all the pain released from my body, and as I slowly woke up from my slumber so to say...I felt an aura of freshness and strength over come me, and as my hand reached out to hold on to God so I could chat a bit more..but he was gone...

Oh my! was I dreaming or really asleep? I stretched out my hand in gratitude towards the heavens as I thanked God for this wonderful Chat with me.  

Here was a prayer that I said everyday and shared it with others too, but I had myself never understood the true meaning of that prayer till now. As I got up refreshed and feeling better if not good, I realized and thanked God for always being there when I wanted him. It reiterated my faith in what I always believed and still believe....as I was smiling....what a chat it was!!!!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Be the best of whatever you are!

Be the best of whatever you are!

One of the many books that have made an impact on my life is Dale Carnegie's - "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living" and I recommend one reads it at the earliest. From this book which Dale Carnegie has always picked up the best quotes and elaborated on them with his own wisdom words, and counseling I have always love the Poem by the Late Douglas Malloch which I publish here below for all. No words of explanation required for this one. Respects to this great personality.

If you can't be a pine on the top of the hill.
Be a scrub in the valley-but be
The best little scrub by the side of the rill;
Be a bush, if you can't be a tree.
If you can't be a bush, be a bit of the grass.
If you can't be a muskie, then just be a bass-
But the liveliest bass in the lake!
We can't all be captains, we've got to be crew.
There's something for all of us here.
There's big work to do and there's lesser to do
And the task we must do is the near.
If you can't be a highway, then just be a trail,
If you can't be the sun, be a star;
It isn't by the size that you win or you fail-

Be the best of whatever you are!”  

God Bless! 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tribute to A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Tribute to A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

 In loving memory of our most respected and loved Former President A.P.J.ABDUL KALAM. Some inspiring facts and information. A simple tribute to this great Idol and personality.

  1. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
    Former President of India
  2. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam was the 11th President of India from 2002 to 2007. A career scientist turned reluctant politician, Kalam was born and raised in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu and studied physics and aerospace engineering. 
  3. Born: October 15, 1931 (age 83), Rameswaram
  4. Died: July 27, 2015, Shillong
  5. Full name: Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam
  6. Awards: Bharat Ratna, Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan, 
  7. Parents: Ashiamma Jainulabiddin, Jainulabiddin Marakayar
    Check out this link here -Twitter.
    Read all about him here - 
    On Facebook - 
 Check out all the wonderful Books he published here 


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Update on Revamping of my Blog Layouts

Update on Revamping of my Blog Layouts

  (I will try and display this sign above on the Blogs that I will be working on).
Hi Friends, Fans and Valued Readers. You are already aware that I have a host of Blogs covering various topics and I am indeed proud and thankful to you for your motivation, and continued viewership due to which my Blogs have received constant appreciation and liking. 

In this effort to continue to do better and give  my readers the very best of my Blogging and writing , I have decided to revamp the layout of almost all my blogs in a way to give better and faster access to all readers to a topic of their choice. I have done this by Introducing Pages corresponding to the categories or specific topics related to each blog, so that the reader can first go to that page and read the content immediately without having to search extensively by Keyword Tags, or using the Labels or even search box provided in the Blog.

A sample of how the pages would look can be seen in the Layout of my own Business Blog for Manasvi International which you can see below. 

You can clearly see the Links to each page seen above as - About Us , Company Profile, Solutions and Services, Contact Us , which when clicked on will take you to the respective pages. The similar pattern is being applied to my other blogs.

It would be difficult to visualize these pages unless you see a sample which will be up soon, however suffice to explain with an example as to how these pages will work - 

Let me give you an example of my Blog - Musicopedia which is a Blog that caters to all topics related to Music. Invariably this is a vast topic and will have practically innumerable categories or labels for search. I have therefore created pages for this Blog in this Order. The Names of the Pages for various blogs may change but idea behind creation of the pages remains the same - 

Home - This would be the default page that comes up when you open any blog and will have a continuous Blog post roll, in that every time I publish a new post it is always seen on the top and first when you open the blog. So if you would have to look for a specific post you would have to search by label or keyword, which is now reduced to a minimum.

History - This Page will deal with everything to do with the History of Music and will have all posts relating to History under the same heading so it becomes easy to identify.

Genres Traditions and Styles - Here again this Page will have all posts about various Genres of Music, Traditions, Styles, Gharanas etc.

Bands & Groups - The Most loved and sought after page here will be having a list of all the Bands and Groups of various Genres.

Musical Instruments - This is a very Exhaustive topic and this Page will be dealing with all Posts that are related to any Musical Instrument that I publish about.

Great Musicians and Artists - Without a doubt this will be the main page where people will be looking forward to and always searching for. This will contain the total Profile of various Artists, and Musicians from various Genres.

Bibliography - This is a very important page which will give the links of various references from which I have taken my content. As you are already aware, that Blogging requires a lot of referential reading and then the content has to be collated, in short, and a way that it is readable and can give a quick reference to the topic. The links that will be given here will be available for all to go to and read at will in an exhaustive manner.

Glossary -  This is a Page where specific Terms, Words, and Terminology that may be used in Music in various Genres will be highlighted and the meaning of each given there for the understanding of the reader. This will help the layman to understand the topic in better detail and clarity. 

The above are only an example of the general format of how the layout of Pages would look in a specific Blog of that Topic. Of course these would change according to the subject of my Blogs or add or be deleted as found needful, and appropriate for the reader.

How to search for a post - I am giving here in general how one should search for a post. Normally if the reader is looking for say - Alla Rakha - the table Maestro he would find it immediately in the Great Musicians and Artists page, if there is indeed a post for him. Secondly they could search for him in the Labels/ Tags on the right hand side column, or use the Search Box on the Blog to find the Post. As Alla Rakha was a Tabla Player, it could also be tagged in Tabla - for Musical Instruments, and similarly found in the tags. So it becomes very easy for a reader to search for a specific post on the Blog. 

As I am trying my best to further refine this process by using drop down menus, which take a lot of time, I will keep an update regarding this as and when it is done as it is an exhaustive process and takes a lot of time for each post. 

I am sure you will like this new style of presenting my content to you, and the comments, suggestions, ideas, and valued inputs from all readers will be highly appreciated. You can write to me directly at my email - goldeneaglebiz@gmail.com, stating the subject matter and blog reference and I will be happy try and incorporate the best practices to give you all the best of my Blog. 

Looking forward to giving you the best.

This process may leave some unfinished pages and links which may not have any content, so inconvenience caused to the readers during this revamping is highly regretted. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Multiple Benefits of Gmail Delegation

Multiple Benefits of Gmail Delegation

In this post I will be dealing with the multiple benefits of Gmail Delegation. For the benefit of the layman, let us get to know exactly what you mean my Gmail Delegation. 


The person who is conversant with use of Gmail is already aware that you cannot operate multiple Gmail accounts with the same gmail. Or simply speaking for every independent username you would need to have a separate gmail to log in with a dedicated password. Also if you are already logged in with one of your mails you will not be allowed to access or operate another account you hold atleast from the same browser. 

Let us take another case of a situation in your office or even at home. Like Google mentions in one of their videos which I will be sharing below - Whether you're someone's assistant or you're just stepping in for your manager for a week, you might need to compose and respond to messages on someone else's behalf. But in this case it would be cumbersome everytime to log out of one mail , then log into the other and respond to the messages on others behalf if they have shared their password with you (which again is not recommended). But in cases of emergency where you would need to do so or with someone who you can trust with, you could use this facility to delegate your personal email to the other person to work on. 

It may sound confusing but if you watch this video below it will be very clear. Before you watch this video I will explain in short, in context with the video below. 
Manager Meredith in an office wants to delegate her assistant Delegate Dave to respond to her messages and manage them when she is away, so how does she do this?. This video will show very nicely how Manager Meredith delegates her authority to Dave so that he can access her mail, reply to her inbox mails, send replies to her incoming mails by operating through his own primary mail dashboard. Amazing isn't it. The only thing he cannot do is change any settings, password or setup on her mail which in itself a secure way of managing her mail. 

Watch this video and after you watch it I will explain how you will be able to manage your own multiple gmails using your own primary gmail account! 

I am sure you must have found this video very easy to follow and you will now know how to delegate any specific gmail to someone who you would like to delegate as an assistant. 

Now let us consider in the case that, apart from your primary Gmail you have multiple Gmail account under various user names which are used so that you can link them to my specific Projects of a topic so it makes it easier to answer and reply to them. Or sometimes you may have separate gmails for specific subjects or events to manage the correspondences efficiently.  Please understand that this is possible only if you are the authorized owner and operator of those secondary gmails.

As we understood earlier Gmail does not allow you to log into two different Gmails at one time on the same browser. The best you could do is use another Browser to access and reply mails in that account but this becomes very tedious especially if you need to refer certain information from the primary mail to use it in the secondary gmail. Now the simple trick is use the same delegation procedure with your own primary and secondary gmails. 

The only hitch is getting the delegation done right as I have mentioned it here below, so do it carefully and it will be fun. 

Consider Gmail A is your primary mail and you have another Gmail B with a different username and password which is created and operated by you. 
Remember that your Gmail A is your primary email from which you want to be able to access your other Secondary Gmail accounts. So this is the trick. 

What you simply do is to Delegate your Primary Gmail A from your Gmail B to access, respond and mange your your Gmail B like you saw in the video above where Dave is delegated to attend to mails of Meredith. 
So you need to log into your Secondary Gmail B , and delegate your Primary Gmail A to allow access to your Secondary Gmail B. Once you have done so you now have your Primary Gmail A which will show you your first Secondary Gmail B in the top right hand corner under your profile picture. Now you can do the same to other of your important secondary Gmails which you feel you frequently need to access at the same time in your day to day work. 

Considering you want to access another of your secondary Gmails C from your Primary Gmail A like you can now do your secondary Gmail B as well, then you would first log in to your Gmail C and delegate Gmail A to access your Gmail C. So after this delegation is complete you will be able to see not one but Both your secondary Gmail B as well as Gmail C in your dashboard on your primary Gmail A. 
So an ideal scenario would be in the First case of the Office Manager Meredith has delegated her authority to her assistant Dave who now has access to Merediths inbox, and all mails so he can attend to them. 

In the second case you yourself now have your Primary Gmail A which now has access to both your secondary Gmail B and Gmail C. But you have to remember that Gmail has a restriction to the number of secondary Gmails you can have access to via your Primary Gmail which I recollect is max 10 secondary Gmails so please stick to that rule strictly. 

I am sure now that you have understood how to enjoy the benefits of Delegation to manage your work better without having to log into multiple accounts for every mail you have to reply. 

Hope you liked this explanation and it will help you a lot in your work. Looking out for many more such Tools and benefits that will enhance your organizational efficiency without compromising on security and without breaking any rules. 

Multiple Twitter Account Management with TweetDeck by Twitter

Multiple Twitter Account Management with TweetDeck by Twitter.

The most powerful Twitter tool for real-time tracking, organizing, and engagement.

 The avid Blogger tries to create an array of Posts on various topics, which interest the reader, and public. What is difficult is reaching the reader and enthusiastic patrons, through the use of proper Social Media Platforms, Tools and Bookmarking Sites. At present the most commonly used and successful Media Platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, and many other platforms. 

To connect with one other quickly and spread the news fast we often use Facebook and Twitter which are the most used at present. I will be mentioning about the use of Twitter here.

Like Gmail, Twitter does not allow the use of multiple accounts using the same email. If you desire to have multiple Twitter accounts, especially where you want to link one Twitter account with a specific Blog/Website or Product you can do it by using a dedicated separate email. Now for people who have multiple Blogs which cater to a specific category or subject it is always good to have a dedicated Twitter account with a similar name/heading so it becomes easier to link as well as source. 

Now comes the main problem. If you are working on one Blog especially if we consider using Blogger, then you would be logged in with your primary email. You could be having your main Profile Twitter account with that same email. Now neither does Gmail allow you to access two mails at one time from the same browser, nor does Twitter. So when you have your Blog A open and want to share it on other social media platforms, if would be easy to use sharing tools to share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc but when you click on the relevant share button it will share it on the Twitter account with which you logged in at present on Gmail which would be your primary Twitter account. 

Now consider, while using Blogger and open another Blog B and would like to share it on Twitter but not on your primary profile Twitter account but one that is relevant to the subject say Twitter Account B you would have to log in with the email that you have used to create that account. So it would not be possible on the same browser as if you log off the primary gmail it would also log you off your Blog, or else you would need to open the other Twitter account in another Bowser and then manually post a Tweet. This will not only be messy, time consuming and just imagine if you are a multiple Blog writer as I am then it becomes literally impossible to work. 

Twitter now has a wonderful Tool that allows you for for real-time tracking, organizing, and engagement.

This is what a typical TweetDeck Screen would look like!

This fantastic tool will now allow you to access Multiple Twitter accounts from one platform once you have registered and added the respective Twitter account to the platform on your Dashboard. So you have all your twitter account on one screen and can switch from one account to the other in a click. This now makes it easy to post your tweet directly on the respective Account which is relevant to your Blog or Article related to a specific product linked to that Twitter account! You can imagine the amount of time and energy you will save! Check out for more details on the site itself and make use of this tool to enhance your Social Media Communication and experience!

For those who would like to get Help from Twitter about Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts you can click on the link above to take you to their help page.

In my next post I will explain how it is possible to manage multiple Gmail accounts using a single sign in on your primary Gmail Account! Keep a watch for the next post!