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My Blogs and My Spot.IM Community

My Blogs and My Spot.IM Community

During my interactions with my valuable readers, fans and patrons I have always been asked as to how many different Blogs are you having?, do you have a Blog in this category?, or could you create a Blog on this topic? It is the love of all these readers, fans and my patrons that was prompting me to have a social network of my own, which I am at present working on as well. However I also found a fantastic tool that will help me keep in touch with all my readers and fans irrespective of which Blog I will be working on as I now have installed the Spot.IM Community platform on my Blogs which will enable any one of you wonderful readers to interact with me. All you have to do is click on the Bubble at the Bottom of the Blog Page which shows my Profile Image and it will open up a chat window in which you can chat with me instantly , and also join my community so you will be keeping in touch with all my posts irrespective of which Blog I post on. 

Isn't it wonderful to have all of you on a common platform so that I can not only keep in touch with you but you too can be in touch with me all the time. I sincerely recommend you too do the same as it will enhance your connectivity and community reach. For the benefit of the readers I have inserted a Screen shot of one of the Blog Pages here below showing the Bubble at the Bottom right hand corner which I have highlighted by pointing an arrow! 

Sorry for the bad Image quality but it will show you where to look for the Community Bubble on any of my Blogs. Besides this I will also be sending you all an invitation from my Spot.IM platform itself so you can join my community and interact with me. 

You can access my Spot.IM Profile by clicking on this Image here

My friends, Fans, and readers also wanted me to post the links to my various Blogs which Now I am having a Gadget on each Blog which reads and "My Blog List" - which will highlight my other Blogs apart from the one that you are reading. I am in the process of doing this on all my Blogs and that Gadget also should be live by the time this post is updated and published. Look for it on the Right hand panel in any of my Blogs. 

Besides this I have also listed below my active Blogs along with a link to that Blog and a brief description of that Blog. As I am in the process of revamping and re-designing some of the blogs, it is possible that the contents from one blog will be transferred to a relevant blog and be available on that blog. This has specifically been done to have Quality Content reading for all my readers as well as have it optimally positioned in a Blog catering to that specific category of the topic. I am sure you will like it. Any inconvenience caused to the readers is highly regretted. In fact I will highly appreciate if you suggest, comment, and guide me with the best options as you have always done. 

This is a List of my most Active Blogs given below.

1. Vegetable and Fruit Carving - This is an overview of the fantastic art of Thai fruit and vegetables carving. Learn about vegetable carving tools, fruit carving tools, used for fruit carving and vegetable carving. See vegetable carving pictures, and videos, fruit carving pictures, and videos, books, online demo, classes, etc. A feast for your eyes as well as your palate!

2.Recipes - A collection of a wide range of recipes, Festival Special recipes, Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian recipes, Cuisine of various countries, Food blog and Website Reviews, Tools, Teaching Schools, Colleges, Universities, Great recipe videos, Mama’s favorite recipes, Health Recipes, Top secret recipes, Cookbooks, Cookware, and Just simple tips on good cooking!

3. Reiki Tips - Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.Learn more about Rei, Ki, Chi,life force, The Seven Chakras namely Physical (Muladhara), Etheric (Svadisthana), Astral (Maipura), Mental (Anahata), Spiritual (Visuddha), Cosmic (Ajna), Nirvanic (Sahasrara), Meditation, Energies,and Safe methods of Practicing Reiki.

4. Feng Shui Panorama - Feng means wind and shui means water. The science of Feng shui is a knowledge that reveals how to balance energies in given space to assure harmony, good health and prosperity. Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water are the five principle elements. Look at all aspects of theory, basics, tips, tricks, videos, ba-gua, tools, colors, layouts, yin, yang, chi, symbols, energy, charms, amulets, healing, audits etc.

5. Musicopedia - The One Stop Guide for all you wanted to know about Music. History of Music, Classification, Genres, Styles, Bands, Musical Instruments, Artists, Traditions, Ornamentation, Production, Composition, Notation, Improvisation,Best Videos, Events and much more!

6. The Best Videos Blog - Here are some the best videos available from various topics. Our effort is to collect the best in the lot. Main Categories covered are: Business to Business, Health & Fitness,Home and Family,Computing and Internet, Money and Employment,Marketing and Ads,Fun and Entertainment, Music, Sports and Recreation, Society and Culture,Each Category is further divided into sub-categories. Many more to be added!

7. जीवन स्पर्शी - आयुष्याच्या या दगदगीच्या जीवनात सामान्य माणसाला स्वतः पुरता सुद्धा विचार करण्याचा वेळ मिळत नाही. गेल्या काही दिवसात मला अशीच अनुभूती झाली व या अनुभवातूनच निर्माण झाला हा माझा प्रयास. माझ्या प्रिय वाचकांसाठी व शुबाचीन्ताकांसाठी हि सप्रेम भेट. अशेच काही मार्मिक काव्य रचना , गीत, संग्रह , गाणी, लेख, व व्हीदेयो तुमच्या आपुल्या जीवनाशी कशे जुळलेले असतात जे बघायला सुद्धा वेळ मिळत नसतो ते तुमच्या पुढे सादर करण्याचा माझ्या ह्या प्रयासाला तुमचा आशीर्वाद व शुभेच्या असू द्या. -
In this blog I was urged to create this special gift for all my readers, and well wishers as well as a tribute to all those extraordinary writers, poets, composers and singers who render such heart warming compositions. I will be in this Blog trying to give my personal review and views about innumerable such work of arts, accompanied by Videos of those songs or poems, lyrics, special reviews if any from others.

8. Live The Dream - Zig Ziglar once said and I quote... “If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” Come one and all to “Live the Dream” a Blog very Dear to me, and soak into all that I have to offer. The best of Musings, Writings, Finds, Self-Help, Self-Heal, Motivational, Realization and Achievement methods to make your life and the world a better place to live in! All you have to do is Believe and Have a will to Change!

9. Musings of a Trailblazer Netizen - A Blog showcasing all genre of writings of the Author such as Musings, Writings, Finds, Binaural Frequency Harmonics, Incredible India, Travel Destinations, Reiki, Feng Shui, Art, Artists, Religion, Spirituality, Scriptures, Reviews, Events Worldwide, Astronomy, World Heritage Sites, Dianetics and Scientology, Carvings, Sculptures, Do it Yourself, Biographies, World Extinction Countdown, Clinical Research, Wildlife, and much more. (This blog however will be slowly dissolved and the contents transferred to the relevant blogs of those topics. The process is already on so inconvenience caused to readers is regretted). 

10. Art and Artists - Art and Artists is a Comprehensive Gateway to Artists,dedicated to developing, understanding, and exposing various Art Forms and famous Artists related to various forms of Non Performing Art such as Sculpture, Carving, Gelatin Art, Encaustic Art, Ice Carvings, Egg Shell Carving, Etching, Sand Art, Street Painting, Origami, Paper Quilling etc. It will showcase the Artists, Organizations, Cultural Forums, Art Galleries, Exhibitions and Communities, Art Guilds, and Websites that promote such arts.

11. Manasvi International - Welcome to Manasvi International, an Endeavor Enterprise Dedicated to rendering Quality services in Total Business Development Solutions, Market Representation, and Value Added Services for Industry Our Vision , Mission and Motto - "Quality Services for Growth and Prosperity" - This is in fact my Corporate Company Blog. A small effort to provide the Industry with the best of my services, as I have been serving the Industry for over 30 years. 
Though there are a few other Blogs which I am not so actively writing on though I will, the above Blogs will be having a heavy content upload very soon. However for those who are interested in those specific topics which too are very trending I have listed the Blogs below.

The Social Geek's Blog - The Social Geek’s Blog is a platform to portray the works and products of an elite group of social media experts, content creators, code monkey’s, bloggers, writers, artists, small business owners, Affiliate Marketers, and designers all of whom share a love for technology and social media. Our mission is to help people to increase their online visibility by first providing them an ever expanding network and connecting them to tech industry experts who can offer additional exceptional services.

Work From Home Guide - The Internet is a huge source of knowledge, and earning. Proper use of opportunities and resources can allow you to earn from home. Home business opportunities like Paid to click, Paid to Read mails, Paid to Promote, Affiliate Marketing, Surveys, Blogging, Social Networking are various ways of earning. 

I am sure now that my readers, fans and patrons will be able to access all of my Blogs with ease and I recommend you subscribe to my feed on the respective blogs and follow me as well so you will not lose on any updates. Not the least to mention do make use of my latest Spot.IM community to keep in touch with me and my writings. 

Once again Thanking all my readers, fans, patrons and friends for being a constant source of inspiration and motivation to me in creating and bringing the best content to you. It will be my continuous endevour to give you my best at all times. Do take care, God Bless!   

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Attitude Is What Life is All About

Attitude Is What Life is All About 

We hear and read a lot about Attitude, but often get it in the wrong sense. An attitude can be defined as a positive or negative evaluation of people, objects, event, activities, ideas, or just about anything in your environment, but there is debate about precise definitions. It could be an expression of favor or disfavor toward a person, place, thing, or event either in the positive or negative sense. Right attitude can make a difference between success and failure, friendship and enmity, growth or contraction, so let us in this case try to evaluate and understand the positive attitude that the people in each of these small event or situations exhibited. There are subtle differences in each case which will in fact allow us to see the nuances of this trait.


Soldier: Sir, we are surrounded from all sides by our enemy!!!!!
       Major: Excellent! We can now attack in every direction!


We all know about Alexander Graham Bell who invented the Telephone. But he never made a call to his family!!!! - His wife and daughter were DEAF! - 
That's Life! - "Live for Other"


 "Attachment" is ethereal but it hurts when you lose it. Whereas "Loneliness" is sometimes good because it teaches you everything , and when you lose it; you get everything!


If an egg is broken from an outside force a life could end! If the same egg breaks from within Life Begins!
Great things always begin from Within!

Why do we have so many Temples when God is Everywhere?
A wise man answered: Air is everywhere but we still need a fan to feel it!

 A simple but very strong Quote about Attitude by Winston Churchill, to conclude!

Winston Churchill
 "Attitude is a little thing that makes a Big Difference"

Ekla Chalo re

Ekla Chalo re

Whenever I have been down and out, battered by situations, left all alone to fend for myself, when you own turn their backs on you and you know you have to come out of it all alone, there have been one song I listen to this wonderful "Anondo Gaan" which peps me and gives me the strength to face it all. I am sure you will agree with me and love the Gaan as much as I do. I have not only posted the Video for you sung so soulfully by Shreya Ghoshal, but also published the lyrics for all you Gaan Lovers. I am sure there must be many who know this song by heart, but here it is once again. 


The Lyrics

Jodi Tor Dak Soone Keu Na Asse
Tobe Ekla Chalo re
Ekla Chalo Ekla Chalo Ekla Chalore
Jodi Keu Katha Na Kai Ore Ore O Abhaga
Jodi Sabai Thake Mukh Firae Sabai Kare Bhay
Tabe Paran Khule
O Tui Mukh Fute Tor Maner Katha Ekla Balo re
Jodi Sabai Phire Jai Ore Ore O Abhaga
Jodi Gahan Pathe Jabar Kale Keu Feere Na Chay
Tobe Pather Kanta
O Tui Rakta Makha Charan Tale Ekla Dalo re
Jodi Alo Na Dhare Ore Ore O Abhaga
Jodi Jharr Badale Andhar Rate Duar Deay Ghare
Tobe Bajranale
Apaan Buker Panjar Jaliey Nieye Ekla Jalo re

The English Translation is given below, the best I could find.  

If no one listens to your cry and comes,
Then you proceed alone,
Hey, Just Walk alone, walk alone,& you  walk alone 

If no one speaks to you, the one born with evil luck,
If every one turns their back on you & are afraid 
Then with whole heart & in high spirits,
Declare aloud & speak aloud your mind.

If no one accompanies, the one born with evil luck,
While traversing dark roads, if no one looks back,
Then on the thorns of the road;
You stride alone with your blood soaked feet.

If light cannot be alighted, the one born with evil luck,
On a stormy, rainy dark night, if no one opens door,
Then with the lightening,
You afire your rib cage while you stride alone.

The Woman

The Woman
When a man was sitting beside an ailing woman after working late one day
A little boy came by and said: “Why spend so much time beside her ?”
And the man answered:
“Son, Have you seen all she is capable of ?"
“She functions on all kinds of food, she is able to embrace several kids at the same time, gives a hug that can heal anything from a bruised knee to a broken heart and she does all this with only two hands”.
The little boy was impressed.
“Just two hands....impossible!“
And this is a normal woman?!

“Too much work for one day.... “.
“Indeed”, said the man. “That is why she is my favorite”.
“She cures herself when sick and she can work 18 hours a day”.
The little boy came nearer and touched the woman.
“But she is so soft”

“She is soft", said the man, “But she is also so strong. You can’t imagine what she can endure and overcome.“
“Can she think?" the little boy asked.
The man answered:
“Not only can she think, she can reason and negotiate."
The little boy touched the woman’s cheek....
“It seems she is leaking! You have put too many burdens on her.”
“She is not’s a tear” the man corrected the little man.
“What’s it for?" asked the little boy.
And the man said:
“Tears are her way of expressing grief, her doubts, her love, her loneliness, her suffering and her pride.”
This made a big impression on the little boy; “Hey, you are lucky.
You know everything. The woman is indeed marvelous!"
Indeed she is!
Woman has strengths that amazes man. She can handle trouble and carry heavy burdens.
She holds happiness, love and opinions.
She smiles when feeling like screaming.
She sings when she feels like crying, cry's when she is happy and laughs when she is afraid.
She fights for what she believes in.
Stand up against injustice.
She doesn’t take “no” for an answer, when she can see a better solution. She gives herself so her family can thrive. She takes her friend to the doctor if she is afraid.
Her love is unconditional.
She cries when her kids are victorious. She is happy when her friends do well.
She is glad when she hears of a birth or a wedding.
Her heart is broken when a next of kin or friend dies.
But she finds the strength to get on with life.
She knows that a kiss and a hug can heal a broken heart.
There is only one thing wrong with her
She forgets what she is worth...

A Butterfly Lesson

A Butterfly Lesson

One day, a small opening appeared in a cocoon; a man sat and watched for the butterfly for several hours as it struggled to force its body through that little hole.

Then, it seems to stop making any progress!

It appeared as if it had gotten as far as it could and it could not go any further.

So the man decided to help the butterfly: he took a pair of scissors and opened the cocoon.
The butterfly then emerged easily.
But it had a withered body, it was tiny and shriveled wings.

The man continued to watch because he expected that, at any moment, the wings would open, enlarge and expand, to be able to support the butterfly’s body, and become firm.

Neither happened!

In fact, the butterfly spent the rest of its life crawling around with a withered body and shriveled wings. It never was able to fly.
What the man, in his kindness and his goodwill did not understand was that the restricting cocoon and the struggle required for the butterfly to get through the tiny opening, were nature’s way of forcing fluid from the body of the butterfly into its wings, so that it would be ready for flight once it achieved its freedom from the cocoon.

Sometimes, struggles are exactly what we need in our life.

If we were allowed to go through our life without any obstacles, it would cripple us. We would not be as strong as we could have been. Never been able to fly.

A Prayer

A Prayer!

and I was given difficulties to make me strong.
and I was given problems to solve.
and I was given a brain and brawn to work.
and I was given obstacles to overcome.
and I was given troubled people to help.
And I was given Opportunities.
“I received nothing I wanted...But I received everything I needed."

Live life without fear, confront all obstacles and know that you can overcome them.


When things go wrong!

When things go wrong!
“When things go wrong as they sometimes will,
When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill.
When the funds are low and the debts are high.
And you want to smile but you have to sigh.
When care is pressing you down a bit.
Rest if you must but never quit.
Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As every one of us sometimes learns.
And many a failure turns about.
When he might have won if he'd stuck it out.
Stick to your task though the pace seems slow.
You may succeed with one more blow.
Success is failure turned inside out.
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt.
And you never can tell how close you are.
It may be near when it seems far,
so stick to the fight when you are hardest hit.
It's when things seem worst that you must not quit."

Paid in full with one glass of milk

“Paid in full with one glass of milk”

Dr Howard Kelly (true story)

Howard Atwood Kelly2.jpg

This is a story about a poor boy, named Howard who used to sell goods from door to door to pay his way through school. One day he was hungry and decided that he would ask for a meal at the next house. However, he lost his nerve when a lovely young woman opened the door. Instead of a meal, he asked for a glass of water. She thought he looked hungry, so she brought him a large glass of milk. He drank it slowly and then asked, “How much do I owe you?” “You don’t owe me anything,” she replied and added.
“Mother has taught us never to accept pay for a kindness.” He said… “Then I thank you from my heart.” As Howard left that house, the act of kindness made him feel stronger physically. He had been ready to give up and quit. Now his faith in God and man had further strengthened. He grew up to become a doctor.

Years later that young woman became critically ill. The local doctors were baffled. They finally sent her to the big city, where they called in the specialists to study her rare disease. Dr Howard Kelly was called in for the consultation. When he heard the name of the town she came from, a strange light filled his eyes. Immediately, he went in to see her. He recognized her at once. He went back to the consultation room determined to do his best to save her life. After a long struggle, the battle was finally won. Dr Kelly requested the accounts office to pass the final bill to him for approval. He looked at it, and then wrote something on the corner and the bill was sent to her room. She feared to open it, for she was sure it would take the rest of her life to pay for it all. Finally she looked, and something caught her attention on the side of the bill. 

She read these words…
“Paid in full with one glass of milk”.

You can read more about this wonderful personality at

Howard Atwood Kelly
Howard Atwood Kelly, M.D. was an American gynecologist. He was one of the "Big Four" founding professors at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. Kelly is credited with establishing gynecology as a true specialty. Courtesy: Wikipedia -
Born: February 20, 1858, Camden, New Jersey, United States
Died: January 12, 1943
Education: University of Pennsylvania

Eyes of Life

Eyes of Life
 (An Account in life, a musing written by Me.)

It was a chilly and foggy winter morning in the month of November, when I set out on my daily morning walk. This is a quiet location uphill where 5 roads intersect at a nice little garden that has been constructed at the center of the junction. It also has an early morning Market Place where hundreds of locals from all over congregate. I love this place as it gives you time enough to walk along the cobblestone road lined with vegetable and fruit vendors selling their wares in their own traditional way. Though it is a marketplace there is seldom the usual chatter that you get to hear in other markets. It is much quieter with vendors and the buyers quietly making their deals.

As I walked all the way to the junction I pulled my wind cheater closer to my body as it was cold. My eyes settled on an old lady who has been sitting there since many years. She quietly passed a tired smile. It sent a chill down my spine. I smiled back, and went onwards on my walk. As I walked ahead I could hear the buyers haggling for prices and discussing the price hikes. While a few casual laborers who carry vegetables settled down to smoking, oblivious or rather least cared about the ban on public smoking, I waved in the air to ward off the unwelcome smoke. A group of urchins were biting on leftover stale hard bread. As I walked down rubbing my hands in the cold, I saw some more girls rummaging amongst the waste vegetable leftovers trying to get their hands on the best they could salvage.

Somehow, at every step I was seeing life in its face, while the world was going on its routine as normal, oblivious to the challenges of life. To top it all I spotted a young vagabond dragging deeply on his drugged shot, and sharing it with other children much younger his age. It sent a chill down my spine. All I had wanted was a quiet early morning walk, and here I was seeing life in its eyes. As if that was not all, I got a view of cheating, pick pocketing, and even bribing to add to my day’s experience. I thought I had enough, and quickly purchased the basic needs for the day and as I returned towards the junction where the old lady was sitting. 
I purchased some “Roti” and “Sabji” i.e. Indian bread and some cooked vegetables to give to the old lady; as I felt a deep urge to share a part of whatever little I could with her. As I walked towards her it started drizzling, an unseasonal shower at this time of the year. I quickly pulled over the cap of my wind cheater over my head and bent down to offer the food to the old lady. Shivering as she was in the cold, with the rain now hitting hard on her, she quickly tried to pull over the border of her Sari over her head. 

I was moved, and while I placed the food in her hands, I quickly pulled off my wind cheater and covered it over her shoulder, placing the cap on her head. I felt a deep sense of calm and peace prevail over me, while the old lady smiled back, her eyes moist with emotion. She thanked me for the food, and somehow the look in her eyes said it all. It was as if she was saying “I have seen it all dear”. No wonder that sitting there at the center of the junction she was staring life in its eyes. As if the heavens had approved of the relation, the rain slowly subsided, and as I walked home I glanced back for a passing shot of the lady, when she waved out with her frail hands, and shook her head in a nod. I have yet to try and understand what the nod meant, but for me it was the most peaceful and moving moment of my life in a long time to come.