Saturday, August 15, 2015

In the Chat Room With God

In The Chat Room With God
I know you all are going to tag me as "Nuts" but that's fine, because at the end of this post, I'll be having the last laugh! You are all used to watching "Coffee with Karan" but this ones a winner all the way!

As I lay tired, fagged out, torn, penniless, overstressed and lifeless with pain as cramps in my abdomen tore me apart, I shouted out in my mind - "Oh God" - stop this. Why me? As I took a deep breath that normally gets me feeling ok and turned and tossed on my bed to adjust to the cramping patterns, I almost blacked out. But then I took control of myself and taking deep and slow breaths, and drinking sips of water, I let my body relax and limp into a silent slumber. My hand was as if reaching out to God as there was no one around to call for, and somewhere I felt a force hold on to my hand this semi-slumber semi-awake stake I was as if mumbling and talking to God! I felt God reach out to me from heaven! (For the benefit of the readers I have highlighted God's conversation in yellow and mine in green, the Prayer is in Blue)

Yes my dear came the reply! So how you doing? 

What I said, you ask me how I am when you very well know it? And don't you have enough work to do, that you come down to chat with me? God smiled down at me! 

Ok , yes I'm overloaded so I thought of taking a quick break as I heard someone shouting hoarse!

Ok, Ok God yes but I was in pain!!!

That's alright! Now do you remember the prayer that you always say and keep sharing with everyone? Just browse through it in your mind and you will find an answer to all your problems. 

So you want to chat with me is it? I've had enough of chat on Facebook today and too tired for anymore! 

Common on; be a sport, this ones for me! 

Ok I said, lets get this over once again ....Why Me? 

Read...Read...Read....said God!

But I said, God why does it always have to be me, what wrong have I done. I've always followed what you taught me! I've never hurt anyone in all my life, I've been patient as can be even in the toughest of times, I've borne hurt, mistrust, betrayal, cheating, pain, stress all through with a smile on my face and never ever returned it back to anyone! So Why me?

Read on....Read on...said the voice! YOU ARE THE CHOSEN are you not happy?..People look at you as an Inspiration, a Role Model, and I have sent you with a purpose to help them, now will you not want to complete your task?

Oh not at all God...I accept whatever you say with a smile on my face and trust that what ever you destine for me is for my own good....I'll read the prayer...

Oh that Prayer..I thought in my mind..well so you want to give me a taste of my own medicine is it?....God smiled again!..(He sees everything)...Ok here it is....I said as I read the prayer....

I ASKED FOR STRENGTH: I was given difficulties to make me stronger!

Yes because I trusted you to face them and stand up that others would follow you and become stronger! 

I ASKED FOR WISDOM:  And I was given problems to solve.

See? I knew you were good at solving problems so you made my task easier! A little help does come in handy doesn't it? Now does that still bother you? 

No Not at all God...I read on...

I ASKED FOR PROSPERITY:  I was given a brain and brawn to work.

Now you see you always asked me for some work all the time and never to keep you idle, so there it had the brain and the brawn to do it all and how well you did it....Pull up your collar lad! 

Ok , Ok, I said smiling a bit...feeling proud I continued reading..

I ASKED FOR COURAGE:  I was given obstacles to overcome.

I knew you were a brave heart and always believed in perseverance, so you proved your worth! People learn from you how to laugh off their problems! Will you not want them to do that? Are you so selfish?

Oh No not at all God!...mmmm...I contd...

I ASKED FOR LOVE:  And I was given troubled people to help.

Before I could cry out my woes God replied....Now, now You always asked and wanted to help others all the time didn't you? So what wrong did I do? People love you because you stood by them and taught them to face their troubled times with a head held high, so there you are I gave you LOVE in fact!

I knew now what God was aiming at...but read on...

I ASKED FOR FAVORS: I was given opportunities...

Now did you not always say, "God give me an opportunity and I will make the best of it?. All those "If fate give you a lemon, make a lemonade" stuff that you keep talking about...You said I don't want anything ready made?"... so I just said "Tathastu" ...and now you crib about it?

Yeah yeah I's alright! God was almost laughing at me....I looked I read the last line of the Prayer....

“I received nothing I wanted...But I received everything I needed."   

MmmmHmmmm I thought I got it!

The final line read ....Live life without fear, confront all obstacles and know that you can overcome them. 

Yes, Yes I said, I know...I've always advocated that!

So now what's your Problem lad? You got all you needed so aren't you happy? 

God was smiling at me as I felt his hand pass over me from head to toe, and I felt all the pain released from my body, and as I slowly woke up from my slumber so to say...I felt an aura of freshness and strength over come me, and as my hand reached out to hold on to God so I could chat a bit more..but he was gone...

Oh my! was I dreaming or really asleep? I stretched out my hand in gratitude towards the heavens as I thanked God for this wonderful Chat with me.  

Here was a prayer that I said everyday and shared it with others too, but I had myself never understood the true meaning of that prayer till now. As I got up refreshed and feeling better if not good, I realized and thanked God for always being there when I wanted him. It reiterated my faith in what I always believed and still I was smiling....what a chat it was!!!!