Monday, June 4, 2018


One of the most memorable and most cherished moment of my life was the birth of my Daughter, and will always remain the same. I am sure it would be the same for many Fathers too. They are bundles of joy, smiling, giggling, crying, and even at times shrieking but they will always instill life into your soul. Not the least to mention those funny yet very emotional moments and experiences of those smelly diapers, the trusted "Grand Ma" or for some "Dai Ma" giving her trademark massage, and "Dhoop Shek" , the burps and that content face when she has had her fill and falls off to sleep in a slumber with a sweet smile on her face.

Time flies past, she grows, now a toddler, first crawling all around the house, then prancing around, knocking whatever she likes, and what better way to reduce your weight than having a child in a home to run around with! That small bundle of joy that barely was an arms length outgrows your arms, now growing up to be a child who feels shy of being carried around, confident to face the world on her own feet. As the years pass she grows on through her adolescence , a striking strong headed , yet confident teenager, and takes her first stride to face the world on her own. The fears, the cares, the concerns are always the same and will never grow out of a Fathers mind even when she grows up and moves on to an adult life and happy family of her own. The love and warmth of those wonderful childhood moments will linger on forever. As we grow old we may not be able to carry our children in our arms but they will always live in our hearts forever.

How grateful I am that regardless of time or distance , daughters are and will still remain your daughters. She has always remained your friend and will always remain one forever. I will always need my daughter, no matter what age I am. My daughter has made me laugh, made me proud, made me cry, seen me cry, hugged me tight, seen me fail, held my hand and cheered me to make me successful, kept me on my toes, and even driven me crazy at times, but my daughter is a promise that I will have a friend forever!

When Daughters outgrow your arms, all you need to do is hold back, revive those fond memories and ride on the waves of those happy moments, because daughters will remain daughters, the biggest blessing of your lives, and friends forever!

An Ode To The Fall Of Life

An Ode To The Fall Of Life
An Ode To The Fall Of Life

In the Fall of Life, I'm trying my Best,
To Pen this Ode, Before my eyes Rest.

Of yesteryear, and of happy days, 
Of the ways of challenges , that life plays.

"Spring" - the happy day we are born, 
to, that sad day we lie in mourn.

Each day and year takes new wings,
Of this wonderful life that always sings...

Our childhood passed, with nothing to worry,
No responsibilities, no tensions, or need to say sorry...

Happy carefree days at school we spent, 
Sadly, those days of childhood slowly went...

Days of youth invited us to dream our dreams,
Free, to enjoy, picnic's, mountains and streams...

"Summer" responsibilities came up on you, beckoning,
Life showed its teeth, a matter of reckoning. 

Interviews, Jobs, growth and competition,
For some very easy, for others a matter of tension..

And love came calling, dreams galore,
Of poems, and songs, and times at the shore.

With family calling, came a new phase of life,
Care, protectiveness, with children and wife.

Happiness, Sadness, Pain, Hurt came to count,
In life those were stages to test and surmount,

Even before life well enjoyed, it finished, 
Dreams, and great plans, all diminished...

Came the "Winter" of life, an onslaught of cold..
Painful knees, reminding "Your'e getting old"...

That too went with "Grandchildren" embracing,
When you look back at Happy Years gone by racing....

As the fall of life, comes calling strong..
We think of what went right and what went wrong...

Of times to lose, Of times to keep,
Of times to laugh, Of times to weep...

Every year of life was like a season,
But we will remember with every reason...

Now this time has come for me,
To tone down dreams, Oh yes less I can see...

In "Autumn" all I can say is thank you God.
For a wonderful life lived, that has left me awed!

In the Fall of Life, I'm trying my Best,
To Pen this Ode, Before my eyes Rest.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

In The Fall Of Life - A Prelude

In The Fall Of Life - A Prelude

"In The Fall Of Life" is a unique attempt to pen down memoirs of life that not only remain as startling examples of how life treats us in different situations. It is a sort of Biographic narration of great times, hard times, sad incidents, happy ceremonies and many more which life brings to us in our travel through times in our life. 

At this age "In The Fall Of Life" when we look back in time there is so much to gain, so much to look back with happy memories, many to retrospect upon, some to just forget, but we should remember that this is what life is, and we have to take it up in our stride. The post titles will remain the same with an adage to highlight the topic of the post. There may be poems, stories, memoirs, life's events which may have left a mark on your mind or simple narratives of importance that I would love to share with you all. 

I hope this attempt of mine to bring forward to you a biographic trip down memory lane will allow many of you to accompany me through those same lanes and revive memories of your own. Let us take this trip down memory lane together!

Look forward to a wonderful Poem I have written to come up shortly!

Take care, God Bless!