Sunday, June 15, 2014

Forever And Always

Forever And Always

The moment I saw a tear fall from your eye; I wished to wipe it away,
I stood there helplessly, knowing not what to say.
And then another trickled down your face,
And soon they increased their pace,
Out of all the emotions, the one that seemed clear,
Was the one you hate the most; fear.

Fear of being torn and of falling apart
Fear of all over and again breaking your heart,
But know always that I will be right here;
Not leaving ever, here to stay forever!

When you’ll fall back, you will find me,
Because that’s where I promised to be.
Forever in this way we’ll stay,
Even if sometimes we’re miles and miles away.

Promise me that I’ll never get to see those tears again
And your happiness will be real, not feign.
That lovely smile of yours shall remain plastered across your face!
Because that’s where it belongs, forever and always!

- Mansi

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