Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ekla Chalo re

Ekla Chalo re

Whenever I have been down and out, battered by situations, left all alone to fend for myself, when you own turn their backs on you and you know you have to come out of it all alone, there have been one song I listen to this wonderful "Anondo Gaan" which peps me and gives me the strength to face it all. I am sure you will agree with me and love the Gaan as much as I do. I have not only posted the Video for you sung so soulfully by Shreya Ghoshal, but also published the lyrics for all you Gaan Lovers. I am sure there must be many who know this song by heart, but here it is once again. 


The Lyrics

Jodi Tor Dak Soone Keu Na Asse
Tobe Ekla Chalo re
Ekla Chalo Ekla Chalo Ekla Chalore
Jodi Keu Katha Na Kai Ore Ore O Abhaga
Jodi Sabai Thake Mukh Firae Sabai Kare Bhay
Tabe Paran Khule
O Tui Mukh Fute Tor Maner Katha Ekla Balo re
Jodi Sabai Phire Jai Ore Ore O Abhaga
Jodi Gahan Pathe Jabar Kale Keu Feere Na Chay
Tobe Pather Kanta
O Tui Rakta Makha Charan Tale Ekla Dalo re
Jodi Alo Na Dhare Ore Ore O Abhaga
Jodi Jharr Badale Andhar Rate Duar Deay Ghare
Tobe Bajranale
Apaan Buker Panjar Jaliey Nieye Ekla Jalo re

The English Translation is given below, the best I could find.  

If no one listens to your cry and comes,
Then you proceed alone,
Hey, Just Walk alone, walk alone,& you  walk alone 

If no one speaks to you, the one born with evil luck,
If every one turns their back on you & are afraid 
Then with whole heart & in high spirits,
Declare aloud & speak aloud your mind.

If no one accompanies, the one born with evil luck,
While traversing dark roads, if no one looks back,
Then on the thorns of the road;
You stride alone with your blood soaked feet.

If light cannot be alighted, the one born with evil luck,
On a stormy, rainy dark night, if no one opens door,
Then with the lightening,
You afire your rib cage while you stride alone.

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