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Collective Consciousness Through Passion Blogging

Collective Consciousness Through Passion Blogging

This is a proud, and much awaited moment for me to not only give my Personal Blog a new dynamic make-over , but also publish this post which relates not only to the Header and logo that I have created for my personal blog. 

It gives me immense pleasure, and pride to firstly thank all my viewers, fans, and patrons who constantly read my content on various blogs, and keep interacting with me on those subjects. It is their inspiration, motivation, and guidance that has led me to create such a wide range of blogs covering various genres of topics and subjects. In fact this is what I will be dealing about in this Blog. 

Sometimes even a sarcastic comment or post by my valued reader can lead to a very big change in my thinking pattern for which I am always indebted to my viewers and readers. I clearly remember one of my very avid followers and friends who used to follow all my posts, and comments not only on my blogs, but my posts on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin in others. In one of his posts he jokingly or maybe even sarcastically remarked, "How and why do you keep commenting or reacting to almost each and every topic or post on social media? Do you really know about the topic or it is just for fun? or to make your presence felt?".....As he was a very close friend of mine I could talk to him and convince him that it was my PASSION and not a pastime. I told him about my passion for knowledge empowerment and  sharing, blogging, writing, and interacting with like minded people. Our discussion which started with a small message on social media led to a long drawn but highly productive dialogue which resulted in both of us coming out wiser!

My passion for learning, writing, reading dates back to my school days as far as I can remember being always proactively taking part in every discussion or topic hunting whenever I had free time. This turned out to be my hobby and as I finished my education and started my career this became a larger passion. Although my financial position at that time did not allow me to do as much as I would have liked to this burning dream today comes out as what I term as "Passion Blogging" a term which I have coined my self. I was always fond of writing, drawing, sketching, painting, singing, and even dancing for that matter (Few people know that I took professional Bharat Natyam training from one of our very own Shohba Nadkarni for almost 2 years) and have performed in many dance programs too, besides singing in our community Mandals. 

The art and the artist in any human being never dies. At some time or the other this dormant desire spews out and; although I was always trying my hand at writing, reading, and knowledge empowering my data bank, it was about only about a decade or more ago that I seriously took up to Blogging using Google Blogger. Ever since I have not stopped. My passion for learning kept me going and I many of my friends and fans were shocked at how mulch-faceted I was a proud feeling for me, which however did take a lot of effort. 

I have always believed that if you follow your intuition with passion and a never ending zeal to achieve it, nothing can stop you from achieving your goal. Not only did this passion result in my learning what ever I could not only in my spare time, but as a professional. I would not spread open by Curriculum Vitae here for you but suffice to say that I have always kept my mind open to learning whatever I want. This led me to start Blogging and writing on a wide range of subjects and slowly and steadily there came a time when I had over a hundred blogs on various topics. Google is very sensitive about the content that is written, and so is their feedback to a good writer and publisher. I was fortunate to get some fantastic feedback not only from Google themselves, but also from a very close friend of mine who guided me to give only the best content rather than delve into every topic I could write upon. 

With a career spanning over 30+ years of experience in various Industries, this added to my experience and knowledge about both technical and non-technical subjects. I stopped at practically nothing in empowering my knowledge, in not only trying to learn various foreign languages like German, Spanish, Italian as and when the need arose, but also reading, understanding and accumulating more information about other subjects of my liking such as cooking, recipes, arts of various forms, psychology, self help, new thought theories, Metaphysical theories, applications of those theories, Scientology, and using my own Soft Skills and Personality Development skills to develop a base for what I called collective consciousness. 

I am sure you all know what collective consciousness is, however for the benefit of all I will explain in simple terms as the Wiki does and I quote - "Collective conscious or collective conscience (French: conscience collective) is the set of shared beliefs, ideas and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within society. The term was introduced by the French sociologist Émile Durkheim in his Division of Labour in Society in 1893."

I found this image which so rightly represented the concept of Collective Consciousness.
A new idea caught my mind, in that how could I use my skills, knowledge, hobbies and collate them along with those of other like minded people to create a society where this collective consciousness can be turned to the common benefit of mankind. Something that I had long thought about as a "One World" concept. I knew and still know this is a huge humanitarian effort to get this going but I was stubborn to go on. I new I had the skills, and the additional skill of my writing and blogging along with my strong Social Media presence was the right platform to get together like minded people to get together on a common platform. That triggered my "Passion Blogging" to a new level. 

That is what triggered off my biggest Blogging and writing session which has not ceased till now, and will continue until I have achieved my goal. This new goal is initially creating a Social Media Platform along with a proper Forum on Facebook giving a similar name such as "Collective Consciousness through Passion Blogging" - or taking the help of like minded individuals to create a wonderful name and platform to take this forward. From reading, writing, studying and creating hundreds of Blogs I then cut down to the best , so co I could concentrate on the main goal of a "One World" dream. 

Those of my valuable fans and readers who follow me already may be knowing the various topics I write on however I have created a Widget on the right hand side of my Blog page which mentions "My Blogs" giving a list of the other Blogs that I write on various topics. I keep updating the same so you are also welcome to visit those Blogs and record your comments.  It is when I realized the power of good quality content blogging when one of my most read Blog - "Vegetable and Fruit Carvings" indicated a viewership of over 220,000 viewers from over 190 countries all over the world and still growing. It is this that struck a chord in my mind as to how this could be used in a better way.

Coming back to the core issue of how I am looking forward to using this "Collective Consciousness through Passion Blogging" to achieve a "One World" concept or consciousness among people is my most difficult task which will be incomplete without your help, guidance, motivation and active participation. As I started blogging and publishing my articles on various topics, I had started generating a group of ardent followers, and readers each interested in those specific subjects, but later found that the same people were also tracking and following my other blogs. This gave me the idea that these same people could be used to spread the message of "Collective Consciousness" amongst the public. As we were all positioned on various demographic locations, both locally and internationally; it was even better, as I realized that I had now generated hundreds if not close to thousands of viewers and followers who were eager to read my work, and always happy to interact and respond to my work. What better platform could I ask for. 

This is where I once again thank each and every one of my friends fans, readers, followers on all social media platforms alike who have given me the strength, guidance, inspiration, motivation to continue to giving my best and rather improving it to the level that I am now standing at. 

I would not need to explain the concept of Blogging to most of our readers who are competent enough, but for the common benefit of the layman, in simple terms Blogging is an art of writing, collating and publishing quality content on various topics of you choice or specialization in the form of a Blog through various Blogging tools and platforms available in the market. Blogging can also be a source of Income for those who would like to take this up as a profession, and even the housewife who could spare a bit of her time to give her creativity a go, can use this platform, not only to express your thoughts and ideas, but also make a source of earning if it rightly done. I will not deal with the concept of Blogging and Earning from Blogging here but suffice to say that it can be a lucrative opportunity. 

Coming finally to the very core of the topic that I wrote this post about, I would like to conclude and summarize, saying that almost each and every one of us has some liking of a topic and skill which we can all relate to. If we can mould this creativity into a passion for blogging or writing as many do and present it in a proper way via your blogs, articles and papers, and publish it on various social media platforms we automatically create a following. This following slowly develops into a strong movement if rightly channeled. So my long standing dream is to use my blogging and those of other like minded people to submerge into a common platform where we share, understand, act and give birth to a new form of movement where we can achieve a common goal, whatever it may be for the benefit of humankind.

This post is just a sort of trailer or an eye opener as to what I am looking forward to. I have been reading so many articles, posts and groups on Facebook where people have taken up good causes, and are generating and getting very good results for a common benefit. It is this same impetus that I want to carry on and use to create a platform for "Collective Consciousness". Here I stress on the term "Collective Consciousness" as a movement to get together on a common subject through like minded people to achieve a common goal. I am now in the process of creating a wonderful Group to initiate this movement, and looking forward to your best wishes, guidance, and active participation. I feel that if through my writing, blogging and sharing of various subjects I can create a sense of awareness amongst even a few of our brethren I will have achieved a part of my dream!

You are all free to comment on the blog post directly or those interested taking part actively in this movement may write to me at with Subject line - "Collective Consciousness" so I can tag your inputs together. 

Let us all make a concerted effort to doing the very little we can to make this world a better place to live in!      

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