Monday, May 4, 2015



A big thank you to all my friends for being with me all the way when I needed you all the most! These Hugs have all the more importance today when I take the first steps into a life full of Newly discovered Success, Excitement, Happiness, Challenge, Fulfillment, which has come at the end of a long dark tunnel. It were you all, friends, fans, well-wishers and relatives that stood by me all through and gave me the strength when I needed it most. Just want to say a big Thank you and tell you that you are not forgotten! You are and will all remain in my mind, hearth and prayers in every step I take.These are only humble words of Gratitude expressed from the bottom of my heart to you all! Thank you for being what you were and are to me always! Take care - Stay Blessed! God Bless! 
I may not be a Guru! I am not rich! But I am full of sparkle, compassion, love, caring, trust, and togetherness. I may be possessive because I love hard, unconditionally and loyally and am proud of it, no matter what others think about it. I give respect and take respect. I practice kindness, empathy, and forgiveness because that is ME. I am loyal, supportive, understanding, adventurous and surprising, and that's enough to make you fall in love. I make mistakes because I am human, but I own own them because I am responsible, and learn from them. I've been misunderstood, used, trodden like a doormat, but I stand up strong because I trust myself, my integrity and above all God! 

I'm that type of person who will look you in the eye and say "I love you" because I mean every word of it and it comes from a heart selfless and pure. I've laughed, I've cried, I've choked and I've died, but I was reborn because I genuinely want to make the world a better place to live in. Love me or Hate me, I'm Proud of myself, and above all I can say with pride - come to me - for all I have to share with this world is love, compassion, and understanding! I have no money to spare but one great 'Hug" that cares! 

One thing I can guarantee - "No matter what, when you need me I'll always be there!". Remember you don't need money to share love, compassion, trust, loyalty, kindness, and empathy. If you are are like me and feel like me just reply "I Do". Make someones day and share with all those who want to share your compassion with and express to them that you will always be there when they need you, even if it is sending to me! (Or not me!!!!)....God Bless!  


  1. You write very well Sachin. I went through some of your blogs though just cursorily and I must admit u have a flair for writing, which has been inherited by Manasi. God bless u and her too. This blog too is meaningful but perhaps only to the reader whose thinking runs along the same lines. Others will view this just as any other post. You have very frankly shared with the reader the good qualities u possess and what u are not. Somewhere I see a tinge of self-pity, which to my mind is a luxury we can afford to give up, i.e. only if we wish to aspire to going higher and finding our true selves, which is divinity present in all of us. Somewhere I feel u are operating from a deep hurt and u need to shake yourself out of it. We all feel something like this at some time or the other in our lives, that we are the victims. But in actuality no one is a victim. If u will but allow me, you need to seriously go on a journey to discover your true self, a journey that is, (i firmly believe) something we were all sent to this planet for. Do
    forgive me if I have touched an unhealed part of u, by being so frank. God bless u always. PS will go through your other blogs if the topics interest me. Sorry for being so blunt.

  2. I am indeed blessed and inspired on receiving your reply Jyoti Pacchi. It is infact your frankness that touched and healed my heart more than what you mentioned "touched an unhealed part". You have rightly felt the pulse of my post in mentioning indeed that I am operating from a deep hurt and I need to shake myself out of it,but the hurt is so deep and embedded that that it only needs a strong solution to lessen if not remove it. This hurt still exists and I am trying to heal it. but as in one of my earlier posts "Men The Forgotten gender" I have clearly mentioned that most of us do not tend to open up our personal issues in front of society for the fear of being ridiculed or even looking downcast in society in front of your "Community" but we forget the oft quoted saying that it is an even greater crime to bear in silence or watch in silence when a crime is being committed, and worse still when you are a part and party to it yourself.". You have also mentioned "But in actuality no one is a victim. " , to which I can only answer, with due respect, 'Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches'...and this you may realize only if I send to you the contents of my whole story which I have already created "My Diary" which I may publish shortly as a Blog Post or even my own Book which I have given a touching name. I would be happy to share it with you in its still incomplete form so you can read through it, and understand the true "Hurt" that I am going through. And there is no need to ask for forgiveness or feel sorry for being blunt , because this is in fact what I wanted from the reader - a frank and heartfelt response" and I can now say that my post has achieved what I wanted to "Touch the right chord in my readers heart" through my content. Soliciting your best wishes and Blessings always. Take care, God Bless!

  3. Sachin you express yourself very well. Dear friend, we need to know or understand how our thoughts create our reality, something u already know through reading books like The Secret and You Can Heal Your Life. No relationship that we encounter in our lives ever comes to us without our having somewhere given it a 'yes' through our thoughts, words and deeds. Only what we see as our current reality has roots in the past, not just of this life, but of lives we have lived before this one. I firmly believe this and that is why I say 'no one is a victim' We always have a choice: all choices are valid and all choices have consequences!! Have u heard about 'soul age'? I think u need to understand it. Relationships are basically there to teach us something, to teach us to overcome something, and must be understood as just that: an experience towards 'soul growth'. Yes only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches, but then we need to throw away the shoe, or walk with it till it stops hurting (experience it) as in due course shoes (situations) loosen up if we allow the right energies to come to us. Rhonda Bryne's, The Secret touches only a limited aspect of the Law of Attraction. Louise Hay has gone deeper and is spot on about the thoughts that create disease, of the mental or physical kind. U need to go deeper and learn through intuitive perception, that comes only through regular, deep meditation and through (to me this has helped, after much searching and finding what I wanted) anchoring in a true guru!!