Monday, July 31, 2017

Arre Bhai Pehchan Kaun?

Arre Bhai Pehchan Kaun?

Yes I am every bit an "Amchi" - Chitrapur Saraswat

 Brahmin (Bhanap) and a proud one at that!

First of all I would like to thank all my valuable readers, patrons and well-wishers who have for the past so many years reading my Blogs, and Posts on various Media Platforms. But for your motivation and Blessings I would not have been able to work harder, improve on my skills and bring to you the quality content I have always wanted to publish for you all. 

The main reason for creating this post was the same as the one I had posted this same content on Facebook only as a timeline post and not a Blog post as I am doing now. Time and again when I publish my various Blog Posts on different topics I am barged with messages, and mails trying to reach out to precisely who I am, where I hail from and more about me. Most of them have come in from my Community of Chitrapur Saraswat Brahmins (Bhanaps) who were not known to me but somewhere felt I would have been what we fondly call as an "Amchi". Hence this post which I am sure will clarify all doubts and also remain as a permanent post on my Personal Blog for all to read about me. So here is the original post being re-posted for you all.

            Arre Bhai Pehchan Kaun?
"OH! SO YOU ARE AN "AMCHI" IS IT?" - OR IS IT STILL "PECHAAN KAUN'"? - This one's a BIGGIE BUT - On a lighter vein, I have posted this for the benefit of all our dear "Amchi's" especially after a lot of my friend requests or their friend requests accepted by me got this "Oh So you are an Amchi is it?" reply. - Yes I am every bit an "Amchi" - Chitrapur Saraswast Brahmin Bhanap and a proud one at that! I am not trying to post a "Who's - Who " of myself but only for the benefit of many who had "misplaced" me as a "Maharashtrian", "Marwadi" and even a "Sindhi”!!!!! Loving it every bit yet with so many people trying to connect with me! Thank you so much for your love!
I don't blame anyone for that as the surname Kate is more familiar here in Pune as the "Kate's" here are more rampant and resident in Kolhapur, Sholapur, Pune etc, and are "Maharshtrians". Let it be very clear that I have not posted this to be secularist in that way at all, but just to clarify. In our Saraswat community the name is more familiar as well known as the "Kati's" hence this disparity in understanding or rather misunderstanding which is well understood!!!!. 
Suffice to say that I would be much better recognized as Grandson of Late. Shri Pandurang Nagesh Shirali (My grandfather), and Late. Gangabai Pandurang Shirali of Bandra Mumbai. My mother Late.Mrs. Nirmala Kate (Nee Shirali) and myself all stayed at Mumbai (Bandra- West) at Patkars Old Building (Now called Geetanjali Co-op Hsg Socty) on the S.V. Road Bandra West, along with my loving aunts and uncles the Katre's and the Shirur's. I mention this because many of you Amchi's who are from Mumbai will now quickly relate with me now as most of them have visited our home at Bandra in the good old days.
I was more well known in those days as a skinny young lad - "Sacchu" to many (now even to my dear cousin sister Shobha Tai as I lovingly call her) (Shobha Karnad - Chennai). We all used to sing Bhajans in our Chitrapur Saraswat Mandal Bhajans and weekly Puja sessions at Bandra, Khar, Santacruz, Matunga and even Talmakiwadi if one would recollect those fond memories, along with my loving cousin brother Ravi Dada (Ravi Katre) who used to play the Tabla. Of this great generation I am indeed happy to mention that my loved and dearest "Bappa" - as I call him (who has been more than a Father, Guardian, Guide and Mentor to me till today) - Dinkar Ma'am to you all stays with my dear cousin sister Shobhana Karnad in Chennai. I am sure now that my lineage will fall into place in the minds of many!
As I relocated in 1982-83 to Pune for my Job and have settled down in Pune since then, at Pimpri, I quickly lost contact with all of the Amchi's in Mumbai, although we have many of them staying here in Kothrud, Pimpri, and elsewhere in Pune with whom I am now slowly getting acquainted with, courtesy Facebook itself which has been a big tool in helping me re-connecting with all you wonderful Amchi's and relatives whom I had missed out over the years.
I don't blame anyone for this as the breakup of our Traditional Nuclear Family status with the burdens of members of the family divulging out into various regions, states and even countries has created a sad divide in the immediate connectivity and relations in our families, and so much as one may try to match up with the interest to stay connected we are De-alienated and it becomes a big challenge, but not impossible.
I hope so and am sure now it will be easier for more people especially our dear "Amchi's" to now relate with me better or cast off their apprehensions if any, in connecting with me!
As for all you wonderful "Non-Amchi" great friends and fans I will elaborate on this wonderful community and what "Amchi" and "Chirtrapur Saraswat Brahmin”, "Bhanap" means in my subsequent posts or in my Blog and its post on Religion Scriptures Spirituality and also on my latest Blog सद्गति – The Konkani Blog.
Looking forward to Connecting with you now with renewed enthusiasm and "Amchi'sm”!!! Lots of Love and Warm Regards to All. God Bless!

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