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Proud to be a Stanislite

 Proud to be a Stanislite
It was during a general discussion among friends that we took up the topic of our schooling and there came the rush of emotion, pride, and a flashback of memories galore while proudly stating and saying "Proud to be a Stanislite".

Every person ought to be proud of his or her school and Alma Mater, but I have always been extra sentimental about my attachment and bonding with my School - St. Stanislaus High School. . Maybe it is more because like many of my friends in those days (Batch of 1975) I had spent more than 11 years in that school starting from the KG (Kindergarten) to the 11th Standard of the SSC Board in those days when we had the 11+4 pattern of Education. Incidentally we were the last batch of the 11+4 pattern as the next incoming batch would follow the 10+2+4 pattern which is now used.  Not the least to remember that I belonged to the Kostka House (Green) House which I proudly remind my daughter as she too is in the Green House in her school.

Stastistics apart, I take this humble opportunity though maybe a bit later than others would have done to thank my Alma Mater, School and all those who nutured us into what we are today. Every year of those golden years stays etched in our minds, and a visit to our school still sends shivers down our spine, and tears in our eyes! Those wonderful Teachers and their teachings flashback in my mind, and when we see the shooting or images of our beloved School in many of the Commercials that are now so omnipresent on the Television, I puff my chest with pride and tell my daughter and wife - "That's my School"..Infact I was fortunate to have attended one of the Annual Bond of Boys function when our beloved and well known singer Shaan was present an it was a night to remember for my daughter. I felt bad that I could not attend the Sesquicentenary Innauguration Ceremony in July but that did not stop me from taking time to post this so to say Thanksgiving albiet a bit too late. 

I have just put in a few photographs from the school site of the function that day on Tuesday, 31 July 2012. 

Singer Shaan singing along with the School Choir

Unveiling of the Sesquicentennial Logo

The School building all lit up for the inauguration

As my mind goes through a flashback I specially bring fond memories of our Principals of our time Fr.Hilary Miranda.S.J, Fr.Joe D'Abreu S.J, and not the least my beloved and most respected Fr.Valero. Aleo S.J who will all remain in our minds and hearts forever. 

Fond memories of our School Building and sections of our School are also captured forever in these photographs which I have taken from our SSESA site and posted here for posterity! These memories will forever remain etched in our minds!

My School of the Old times!
The Corridor in which we spent the Best days of our Life!
The fondest memories remain of our Assembly section below the Corridors.

I could go on for ever writing and talking about our Alma Mater and School St.Stanislaus High School, but time constraints hold me back. As I conclude my tribute to my school I once again salute this institution which has made us what we are today! 

Before I leave I stand up with pride to say the School Anthem and I am sure all Fellow Stanislites will do so with me ....I have posted the Sesquicentenary Version of the School Anthem here and also given the link to the Page therein where you could even listen to the School Anthem Arranged and performed by alumnus Rohan Mazumdar & Bradley Tellis. 

Our School Anthem

With grateful hearts we sing your praise
Dear school our joy and pride
Where we were schooled in virtuous ways
In duty, truth and courage tried.
Come boys, let's sing in jubilee
Our Alma Mater true and
while we sail life's darksome seas
our thoughts hark back to you.
With you our hearts are full of joy
and we are proud to be your boys.

And in our thoughts we keep you safe
for you have been our guide.
We can't forget you, and those days,
the ground on which we built our lives.
Come boys, let's set our voices free
and celebrate our school as
Now, we see one fifty years gone by
We yearn for more with you.
With you our hearts, are full of joy
Yes, we will always be your boys.

Listen to the Sesquicentenary Version of the School Anthem here.

And is always proudly said!

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