Friday, May 29, 2015

Sachin's Weblog Trailer on YouTube

Sachin's Weblog Trailer on YouTube

Continuing on my efforts to connect with all my Friends, Fans, and Patrons in the best way I can, I have now created my Personal Blog - Sachin's Weblog Video Trailer on YouTube. This will highlight all basic details such as my Work Profile, Social Profiles, Connections, and how we can connect. This is also been updated as my YouTube Channel Trailer so it will come up first when someone opens my YouTube Profile which is available at -

My YouTube Channel Page as above has also been revamped, realigned, with proper Playlists, Sections and New look layout so that it becomes easier for the reader to get to the right videos.
I have also uploaded and embedded the same video on my Let's Connect Post which is available at -

You can now watch the video here below. Your comments, suggestions and Blessing are solicited and will be highly appreciated. Hope to bring up similar video series for all my Blogs.

Looking forward to your continued Patronage, Love and Motivation.

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