Monday, June 1, 2015



Today my daughter Mansi Kate​ had posted on her time line on Facebook -
"We all need someone to talk to, but not all of us get to talk to people. Often, we compel ourselves to keep quite because we realize that nobody is listening to us anyway.
That's when we talk with our pens, and the paper always listens.
Writing isn't just a hobby. Writing is empowerment."

It not only stirred my mind and made me emotional but also made me proud. My Reply to her as seen in the post was as follows - 

" Go for it! That's Daddy's Girl! I know how difficult it is to go through this phase, and all I want to say to you my dearest daughter Mansi Kate, I am always with you. Remember that your words have power - use them wisely, but don't hold back from expressing what you want to say! I am so proud that you have come to face with the True Powers of Life as I call them - "The Power of the Mind, The Power of Words, The Power of Silence, The Power of the Body and Body Language - Each has their own potential and weakness - Control them and use them wisely!" - This wonderful image says it all - "Raise your Words, not your voice. It is the rain that Grows Flowers and not the Thunder"! God Bless!" -
These were not mere words to give her solace or for the sake of posting a reply. I believe that every child goes through these phases, and it is this time that the Parents should not only be careful, attentive and caring, but allow them to go through that phase as it is truly a learning and empowerment phase. Some thoughts or experiences that we share with our children cannot be explained only in words. Allow them to express their feelings and also express your true feelings with them.

Both the images below compliment each other so well. These are not mere words but bonds that are inseparable!

     Unfortunately or fortunately as the case may be , it is the personal experiences that they go through and realize those moments are the greatest teachers! But don't leave them alone. Let them go through those phases and face them, but assure them that you are always with them when you need them, and you relate with those feelings and thoughts as much as they do. Believe me they will not only help your children face the problem with grit, determination and patience but not only make them stronger , but will make your bond stronger! 

Nothing more powerful than the Bond of a Child with their parents! It is no use raising your voice or shouting at them or even those people who are least interested in listening to your thoughts and words. It will only destroy your peace of mind. Some day they will see reason!

Once again I want to say to my dearest daughter Mansi , at no moment will I be away from you. I may not be there physically with you at many times but my mind always reads you well and I will always stand by you all the time like you have stood by me.

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