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Multiple Benefits of Gmail Delegation

Multiple Benefits of Gmail Delegation

In this post I will be dealing with the multiple benefits of Gmail Delegation. For the benefit of the layman, let us get to know exactly what you mean my Gmail Delegation. 


The person who is conversant with use of Gmail is already aware that you cannot operate multiple Gmail accounts with the same gmail. Or simply speaking for every independent username you would need to have a separate gmail to log in with a dedicated password. Also if you are already logged in with one of your mails you will not be allowed to access or operate another account you hold atleast from the same browser. 

Let us take another case of a situation in your office or even at home. Like Google mentions in one of their videos which I will be sharing below - Whether you're someone's assistant or you're just stepping in for your manager for a week, you might need to compose and respond to messages on someone else's behalf. But in this case it would be cumbersome everytime to log out of one mail , then log into the other and respond to the messages on others behalf if they have shared their password with you (which again is not recommended). But in cases of emergency where you would need to do so or with someone who you can trust with, you could use this facility to delegate your personal email to the other person to work on. 

It may sound confusing but if you watch this video below it will be very clear. Before you watch this video I will explain in short, in context with the video below. 
Manager Meredith in an office wants to delegate her assistant Delegate Dave to respond to her messages and manage them when she is away, so how does she do this?. This video will show very nicely how Manager Meredith delegates her authority to Dave so that he can access her mail, reply to her inbox mails, send replies to her incoming mails by operating through his own primary mail dashboard. Amazing isn't it. The only thing he cannot do is change any settings, password or setup on her mail which in itself a secure way of managing her mail. 

Watch this video and after you watch it I will explain how you will be able to manage your own multiple gmails using your own primary gmail account! 

I am sure you must have found this video very easy to follow and you will now know how to delegate any specific gmail to someone who you would like to delegate as an assistant. 

Now let us consider in the case that, apart from your primary Gmail you have multiple Gmail account under various user names which are used so that you can link them to my specific Projects of a topic so it makes it easier to answer and reply to them. Or sometimes you may have separate gmails for specific subjects or events to manage the correspondences efficiently.  Please understand that this is possible only if you are the authorized owner and operator of those secondary gmails.

As we understood earlier Gmail does not allow you to log into two different Gmails at one time on the same browser. The best you could do is use another Browser to access and reply mails in that account but this becomes very tedious especially if you need to refer certain information from the primary mail to use it in the secondary gmail. Now the simple trick is use the same delegation procedure with your own primary and secondary gmails. 

The only hitch is getting the delegation done right as I have mentioned it here below, so do it carefully and it will be fun. 

Consider Gmail A is your primary mail and you have another Gmail B with a different username and password which is created and operated by you. 
Remember that your Gmail A is your primary email from which you want to be able to access your other Secondary Gmail accounts. So this is the trick. 

What you simply do is to Delegate your Primary Gmail A from your Gmail B to access, respond and mange your your Gmail B like you saw in the video above where Dave is delegated to attend to mails of Meredith. 
So you need to log into your Secondary Gmail B , and delegate your Primary Gmail A to allow access to your Secondary Gmail B. Once you have done so you now have your Primary Gmail A which will show you your first Secondary Gmail B in the top right hand corner under your profile picture. Now you can do the same to other of your important secondary Gmails which you feel you frequently need to access at the same time in your day to day work. 

Considering you want to access another of your secondary Gmails C from your Primary Gmail A like you can now do your secondary Gmail B as well, then you would first log in to your Gmail C and delegate Gmail A to access your Gmail C. So after this delegation is complete you will be able to see not one but Both your secondary Gmail B as well as Gmail C in your dashboard on your primary Gmail A. 
So an ideal scenario would be in the First case of the Office Manager Meredith has delegated her authority to her assistant Dave who now has access to Merediths inbox, and all mails so he can attend to them. 

In the second case you yourself now have your Primary Gmail A which now has access to both your secondary Gmail B and Gmail C. But you have to remember that Gmail has a restriction to the number of secondary Gmails you can have access to via your Primary Gmail which I recollect is max 10 secondary Gmails so please stick to that rule strictly. 

I am sure now that you have understood how to enjoy the benefits of Delegation to manage your work better without having to log into multiple accounts for every mail you have to reply. 

Hope you liked this explanation and it will help you a lot in your work. Looking out for many more such Tools and benefits that will enhance your organizational efficiency without compromising on security and without breaking any rules. 

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