Monday, June 15, 2015

Multiple Twitter Account Management with TweetDeck by Twitter

Multiple Twitter Account Management with TweetDeck by Twitter.

The most powerful Twitter tool for real-time tracking, organizing, and engagement.

 The avid Blogger tries to create an array of Posts on various topics, which interest the reader, and public. What is difficult is reaching the reader and enthusiastic patrons, through the use of proper Social Media Platforms, Tools and Bookmarking Sites. At present the most commonly used and successful Media Platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, and many other platforms. 

To connect with one other quickly and spread the news fast we often use Facebook and Twitter which are the most used at present. I will be mentioning about the use of Twitter here.

Like Gmail, Twitter does not allow the use of multiple accounts using the same email. If you desire to have multiple Twitter accounts, especially where you want to link one Twitter account with a specific Blog/Website or Product you can do it by using a dedicated separate email. Now for people who have multiple Blogs which cater to a specific category or subject it is always good to have a dedicated Twitter account with a similar name/heading so it becomes easier to link as well as source. 

Now comes the main problem. If you are working on one Blog especially if we consider using Blogger, then you would be logged in with your primary email. You could be having your main Profile Twitter account with that same email. Now neither does Gmail allow you to access two mails at one time from the same browser, nor does Twitter. So when you have your Blog A open and want to share it on other social media platforms, if would be easy to use sharing tools to share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc but when you click on the relevant share button it will share it on the Twitter account with which you logged in at present on Gmail which would be your primary Twitter account. 

Now consider, while using Blogger and open another Blog B and would like to share it on Twitter but not on your primary profile Twitter account but one that is relevant to the subject say Twitter Account B you would have to log in with the email that you have used to create that account. So it would not be possible on the same browser as if you log off the primary gmail it would also log you off your Blog, or else you would need to open the other Twitter account in another Bowser and then manually post a Tweet. This will not only be messy, time consuming and just imagine if you are a multiple Blog writer as I am then it becomes literally impossible to work. 

Twitter now has a wonderful Tool that allows you for for real-time tracking, organizing, and engagement.
This is what a typical TweetDeck Screen would look like!

This fantastic tool will now allow you to access Multiple Twitter accounts from one platform once you have registered and added the respective Twitter account to the platform on your Dashboard. So you have all your twitter account on one screen and can switch from one account to the other in a click. This now makes it easy to post your tweet directly on the respective Account which is relevant to your Blog or Article related to a specific product linked to that Twitter account! You can imagine the amount of time and energy you will save! Check out for more details on the site itself and make use of this tool to enhance your Social Media Communication and experience!

For those who would like to get Help from Twitter about Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts you can click on the link above to take you to their help page.

In my next post I will explain how it is possible to manage multiple Gmail accounts using a single sign in on your primary Gmail Account! Keep a watch for the next post!

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