Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Add Life to Days, Not Days to Life!

Add Life to Days, Not Days to Life!

REMEMBER THERE IS MORE HAPPINESS IN GIVING THAN IN RECEIVING -- Yes we are all so eager to welcome the new year, and I can already see a positive cheer and trend among the posts that are feeling so good about the year that has passed, and also eager to welcome the New year! If you analyze deeply a specific trend in the content, being those happy comments have come from people who were and still are involved with the Noble Act of giving, either through their selfless social service, NGO activities, personal share and care campaigns, schools or creches that they run, which are all involved in human interaction.

Compassion, Care, Love, Giving, Sharing, Empathy - not Sympathy, and going beyond your limits to do something for others is the very key to Happiness to yourself as well as to the world. The Law of Attraction states what what goes out, come in and that too x-fold. Do good, feel good and share good and this Good will spread like fresh Air all around you.

Yet due to our mechanical ways in this rat-race world we are so addicted to thinking about days, months, years, Calendars, which only limit our expression of the good that we do. For a person involved in doing good, he or she sees or experiences no time constraints. With personal experience I can say that when you are doing and sharing Good, you start falling short of time. You are oblivious to what is called the "Calendar". Every moment is Bliss, and you in fact don't want that moment to go out of your hands.

On the other hand, just imagine someone who is constantly thinking negative, feeling and cursing for his past and present situations without even trying to deal with them in a rational manner. They will always curse the day, keep saying "I'm fed up, when will this day or my life end"?, "The day is going so slow" etc.

Let not the negatives in this world hold you back. Think positive, feel fresh, do a good deed for someone, however small it may be, put a smile on your face even if you are in pain, and see how the Universe will re-align things for you in a manner that you will start experience Good and only Good around you. All negatives will dissolve into  Oblivion, and you will see only the best of the world coming to you.

All I wanted to share is let us not allow our mundane life routines and limitations to hold you back from doing and sharing good. Do good, share good, feel good. Yes we are all Eager to welcome the new year but as the saying goes -


Wishing you all the Best in all you do, and may Happiness, Prosperity, Peace, Fulfillment, and Success be with you always! 

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