Tuesday, December 15, 2015



You don't need a Five Star Monarch Cruise to enjoy life and feel its magnanimity. Life has the most fantastic Package Cruise for you all ready, but we fail to realize and partake of this wonderful gift.

All you have to do is let your feelings open up, share them in earnest with the ones close to you, friends, family, needy, and Life will open up the biggest Free Package Deal for you.

Life is Feeling for others happiness and joy!

Enjoying Life does not necessarily mean only with your Wife, or children. There is more to life. Spend some wonderful moments with your friends close or far. Reach out to a disturbed mind. Extend your hand to the Old and needy. Bring a smile on their face by spending some quality time with them. THAT - is life! And Life is Love. 

It is unfortunate that we that we have in our Society set the definition of "Love" is a very selfish way. Love has its own nuances and only one who feels, expresses and understands these nuances and shares them with respect, trust and selflessness will understand the true meaning of Love and LIfe.

In today's fickle minded world if you were to just say "Take Care, Love You" to a friend you will find tongues wagging and lashing out the choicest comments and expletives, and even whispering into your spouses ear every possible tag line that would make love shudder! We never have understood the true meaning of "Love", and immediately link it to a physical relationship or personal gratification. Little are we bothered or realize that you can share and cherish the best of loving relationships with a good friend, without ever hurting or compromising the trust and respect for your own personal relationship with your spouse which in fact is so pure, blessed, and godly. You could mean so much to the other person or someone may want to be a close part of your life as a good friend, without hurting your own life, and they hold on to that feeling for life, living a life of hapless disappointment and feeling unfulfilled. 

Yes you would have to have total control over your own feelings, but if your trust and understanding with your partner and spouse is so strong that it transcends all   boundaries of mere feelings, you could truly make a big difference in the world to so many others who crave for love and a happier life. A simple hug, a kind word, a consoling kiss on the forehead are like life to a person whose life may have gone through trauma. There are so many who are in need of selfless and pure love, but due to a few selfish, fickle-minded and corrupt minded people who derive sadistic happiness in hurting others, even at the cost of personal gratification and insult to the other, shed a shadow of doubt and create a pseudo perspective in the minds of others.

You have to differentiate between fantasy and reality. Life brings to you every phase of love and happiness. You have to be mature enough to realize the nuances in each stage. 

As we cross each stage in life from a child to an adult the meaning and feeling of the word "Love" changes so drastically, but few of us realize it. The love and care for your child is at its purest when a child is born in the family. Children are closest to God. Our care and concern for them until they grow up knows no bounds. But as they grow we trust them and yet love them to stand up on their own feet and taste the meaning of love themselves.

The meaning of Love for the same child as they grow goes through different phases as they cross their teens, grow up to be adults and phase out into the elderly phase of life keeps changing. We have to accept those fine changes at their respective stages and respect them too. It is understanding and making your children and family members aware of, and make them respect these stages that this same life gives you Happiness! If you flow against this trend, life will create disturbances which become difficult to handle. These are created by us and not life. Life has only Happiness to offer. How you accept each stage and take full advantage of this package is your own perspective to life!

Accept life as it comes in every stage, understand and feel the nuances of the various feelings and offerings by Life. Learn to respect each stage for what it stands, and you will be surprised that Life offers you the best of the best! It is for you to accept or leave it. 

So make the Best of Life and the only way you can do it is - " LIVING LIFE - LIFE'S WAY".

Take care, Be Happy, Be Blessed, God Bless!

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