Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My "Yo-Bro" Friend - My Daughter!

My "Yo-Bro" Friend - My Daughter!

 Daughters have always been Fathers closest and most loved friends. This relation can never be diluted in any way! From the very moment she is born she is very special. She shares a very close and ethereal bond with her father. Not that the love between Mother and daughter is any less, but the Father-Daughter bond has always stood out strong and lasting. 

In what better words can I describe my own daughter like all daughters are to their father, than in the words in this picture I am sharing with you below. 

 This bond grows as the child grows and becomes strongest when she comes into her teens. She is on the look out for a friend, confidante, trustworthy partner and a shoulder to lean on whenever she needs it. And what better person than her father to fit that spot. 

As mentioned above it is a very touching and blessed relationship that cannot be described in words. No matter what age you are your daughter has always made you laugh, made you proud, made you cry, hugged you tight, seen you fail, cheered you up when you were low, kept you on your toes, and even driven you crazy at times with her unique mannerisms which you love so much. She becomes and remains your friend forever!

As we care and support for our daughters they have always been known to reciprocate in the same way and even more than what was normally expected of sons. The Gender bias issue stands large and looming today! But daughters have always proved them all wrong!
As she grows, she may grow by size and may not fit in your arms as she did so cozily when she was a child. Those moments will always remain a memory, but she will never outgrow your heart!

Today as I look back with foggy eyes at memories of yesterday it dawns on me that I have a friend for life. It also brings a chill in my spine in saying that today I'd be lost without my daughter!

 And when your daughter feels as proud about you and is so vocal about it, not only in words but in actions it gives your immense pride and a warm heart. 
 Your heart swells with pride when she mentions your cherished relationship to her friends and companions, and offers her help and mine as well to be friends with them as I have become with her. This maturity makes you feel so touched, and your mind goes off on a roller coaster ride all the way back when she was a toddler! 

All I have to say today to all fathers and parents in general. Do not discriminate between your children and create sibling rivalry. They are your own blood and body. Love them as your own, teach them respect for one another and see how your life will blossom! 

Today when my daughter says "Yo-Bro" when she approves of something I accept or is in line with her own thoughts it brings tears to my eyes, because I am so proud I have fulfilled her trust not only as a father but as a friend who she can feel totally in freedom to share whatever she feels.

I pray to God that this relationship  between a Father and Daughter remains and grows, and also that all of you have a wonderful family life, where you are all friend for life!

Take care, God Bless! 

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